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The Golden Phung sells out!

Golden PhungAward-winning sketch comedy troupe; The Golden Phung  are back at the Fringe Festival with a delectable smorgasbord of brand spanking new sketches.

Originally a down-to-earth group from Adelaide, they seem to have lost all sense of morality and artistic integrity and have sold out, not their tickets, but their very souls! They’ve traded their joke books for cheque books, their yucks for bucks, their cavalier jests for caviar vests…

Roy Phung and Eddie Morrisson of The Golden Phung joined Bill Walter to tell us why they’re selling out!

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Produced by: Tarnia George

“Lit from within” for everyone to enjoy

Access2ArtsThe Adelaide Fringe opens tonight in spectacular fashion as the Fringe Parade lights up King William Street.  The Fringe promises that the thousands of people who come along to the city tonight will be treated to a wonderful array of stunning floats and costumes, all around the theme of ‘Lit from Within’

Sounds fantastic!  But what if you can’t see?

One organisation, Access2Arts, is dedicated to bringing arts events, including very visual events like the Fringe Parade, to people with visual impairment.

And tonight they’re partnering with us here at Radio Adelaide for a “live audio description” of the Parade. Audio describer Eliza Lovell and vision impaired person Joanna Chua joined Bill in the studio.

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Produced by: Lucy Kingston

Ash Wednesday Bushfires still real

Tomorrow marks the 30th anniversary of the 1983 Ash Wednesday bushfires.

For some the memories of the bushfires remain very real.

Despite an estimated number of 130,000 emergency workers fighting the flames the Ash Wednesday bushfires swept through Victoria and South Australia.

In Victoria 47 people died and in South Australia 28 people died. Over 2500 people lost their homes.

We spoke with the first academic on the scene to consult those affected, post traumatic stress expert Professor Sandy McFarlane.

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Produced by Katrina Berry

Government blind to Disability

A bill proposed by the Federal Governments will exclude you, if you’re blind and over the age of 65, from being eligible for disability funding. This means placing people in a position of vulnerability into the generic aged-care system.

We spoke to the Executive Director of the Royal Society for the Blind, Andrew Daly.

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Produced by Tim Molineux

One Billion Rising

vdayDid you realize that one in three women on the planet are beaten or raped in their lifetime?

With the world population at seven billion, this adds up to more than one billion women and girls who will be violated.

This staggering statistic has prompted a global movement to raise awareness and to protest violence against women.

Katrine Hildyard is host of the event One Billion Rising held in Rundle Mall. She spoke with Angus on Breakfast to tell us more about the movement.

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Producer: India Hooi

Mining drugs and taxes

miningNow that the dust has settled over the election announcement and parliament is back in session we get down to the nitty gritty of policy rather than speculation…maybe.

To find out how possible this is, Breakfasts’ Angus Randall spoke to Ben Eltham from independent journalist website New Matilda.

Angus began by asking Ben about the Mining Tax and went on to talk with ben about drugs in sport and some of the issues surrounding superannuationincluding the gender imbalance

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Producer: Mike Nicholson

Love your heart <3

heart_foundation_logoWhether you’re cooking up some crispy bacon and runny eggs, hand making a card with lots of care or rushing down last minute to the local fruiterer to pick up one of the thousands of red roses – there’s a common theme in today’s activities – and that is love.

Whilst there are roses, chocolates and teddy bears to express your love, the most recognizable symbol is a heart.

There’s hardly a better time to think about your heart than on Valentine’s Day, and the Heart Foundation of Australia is urging Australians to book in for a check up with their doctors.

Heart Foundation SA CEO Dr Amanda Rischbieth joined Angus Randall to discuss heart health on Valentine’s day.

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Producer: Chris Komorek

Look into my eyes, the eyes…

Would you be prepared to be hypnotised on stage in front of a large audience?

Stage hypnotist Isaac Lomman does just this in the name of fun and entertainment.

He spoke to Sue Reece about his Fringe Show ‘ Comedy Hypnosis: A World of Enchantment’, in which he bypasses the normal state of mind and takes people to a subconsciousness beyond their imagination…

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Produced by Sue Reece

It’s not a Con…

The Con Artists are not a seedy group of scammers… but a six-part a capella vocal  group who sing their own arrangements inspired by ‘nerd culture’.

They’ll be performing at the Fringe this March, stealing the show with their vibrant harmonies and costumed fun inspired by film & TV, games, the Internet and pop culture.

The Con Artists joined us in the studio to share some harmonious harmonies from their show ‘Sing All The Memes’.

Check out the interview and tunes below!

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Produced by India Hooi