Is the carbon tax debate getting out of hand?

Should Australian's get fired up over the carbon tax?

As the carbon tax debate continues, things seem to be getting a little bit out of hand.

Independent MP Tony Windsor has received a number of death threats over the issue after showing his support for the tax, while Opposition MP Sophie Mirabella compared Prime Minister Gillard to Libyan leader Moamar Gaddafi.

While the Government and Opposition continue to ramp up their rhetoric on the issue, Nationals MP Darren Chester has called on all sides to calm down over the debate.

However, Opposition leader Tony Abbott suggests he cannot prevent the anger in the community that has resulted from this “betrayal” by the Gillard government.

To give us the latest details on the carbon tax debate, Catherine Zengerer was joined by retired diplomat Tony Kevin. She asked Mr Kevin whether he believes a carbon tax is the right way to go.

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2 responses to “Is the carbon tax debate getting out of hand?

  1. “Is the carbon tax debate getting out of hand?

    Has the debate began? I which it would, the mud slinging is becoming very boring and unproductive.

  2. Maybe the reason that PM Gillard thought it is wise to release the outline without detail in the carbon pricing proposals.

    We have allowed a climate to involve in this country, where many expect to be spoon fed and do not believe they have any responsibility to seek information for themselves. I question the ability of people to learn anything, if they take three word slogans as the main source of information.

    The result of the PM action appears to be a very confused public and has allowed the Opposition to darken the waters.

    It has been very difficult for the government to focus on the fact that they have introduced a framework that they believe best meets the needs of addressing climate change. The proposition in itself is not complicated. The proposition is that a fixed price on carbon for three to five years that is to evolve to a full market based charge on carbon. This is not much different from that what Labor proposed during the election campaign, in spite of what those in Opposition are attempting to convey.

    How much more difficult it would have been if the whole framework was released with details. I believe if the government follow this course of action, the Opposition, with the assistance of the MSM, on their present behaviour, would have derailed the proposal for good.

    The Opposition is not raising the possibility that climate change is not a fact. The Opposition is spending very little time on defending their own climate change propositions. The Opposition has spent it’s time in alarming the public with made up costs to the community, without any facts to based their assertions. The Opposition are portraying the picture that there is no positives in the proposals. The Opposition main response is in personally attacking and slandering members of the government, without contributing anything to the debate.

    The government needs to continue in this manner, educate the public about the framework, and move on quickly to the details. The public debate for the good of the Nation needs to focus on what is being done, and changes made if necessary.

    It is up to the Opposition if they want to partake in the process or not. The stance they are taking now will lead no where.

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