The Big F: Boss lady

Around Australia, women in theatre have been discussing the barriers to their career advancement, and industry bosses have been dusting off their EO policies. Yes, it’s true – gender and feminism is back on the table in the arts arena too.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of International women’s day, vitalstatistix, a proudly feminist theatre company is hosting Boss Lady – a conversation about Women Art’s Leadership. It’s a chance for women to offload, unpack and speak up, in a day of discussion about the current position of women making art and art made by women.

Boss Lady is being hosted by writer, broadcaster, musician and feminist-trouble-maker Clementine Ford, and she joined us in the studio and Catherine asked her what barriers there are for women in the Arts.

BossLady Clementine Ford

WHEN: Tuesday, 8th March 11am – 5pm followed by performances and drinks until 8pm.

WHERE: Fringe Club Mullawirraburka, Rymill Park, Adelaide

HOW MUCH: Free, but donations are gratefully accepted.

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