Climate Change – a march for survival

The carbon tax is going to dominate debate in parliament again this week, as the focus shifts away from a slinging match between the Government and the Opposition, to a game of who has the best offer. Prime Minister Julia Gillard has hinted that she will cut taxes and raise pensions as compensation for the  tax, while the Opposition  has promised to scrap the tax altogether while keeping the pension increases intact. But amongst all this political hoopla real action on climate change has yet to happen. Aftera series of tragic climate events  hitting our own shores one environmental group has said enough is enough! This weekend Clean SA will hold a public march, “March for Survival”, in Adelaide to demand real action on climate change from the policy makers. Catherine Zengerer caught up with Clean SA Spokesperson, Ruth Ratcliffe to find out about the march. Ruth started by explaing what Clean SA is all about.

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2 responses to “Climate Change – a march for survival

  1. This is s must do activity. I’ll be there. This is no longer a matter of choice!
    If we don’t change the climate
    The Climste will change us (eg Qld, NSW, Japan)
    Michael Stone

  2. If we don’t change – Climate Change is going to change us. Starting with water – 4,000 children die everyday already from dirty water. We CAN do it – we must do it. Its been done before – the US converted its car factories in WW2 in a matter of weeks. We need strong +ve leadership before it is too late. The environment is one huge flywheel to get under control if it runs away.


    Sir Charles Madden Bt BSc MTech MBA

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