Gillard uses tradition to stall gay marriage

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has once again spoken out against same sex marriage, saying it is out of respect of her traditional up brining that she can’t support a same sex marriage bill.

As a woman who has taken over a traditionally male job, it begs the question of whether tradition is a justification for social advancement of gay rights anymore.

Alex Greenwich spokesperson for Australian Marriage Equality joined Catherine Zengerer on the program this morning. She asked Alex if Prime Minister Julia Gillard was just following public sentiment?

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2 responses to “Gillard uses tradition to stall gay marriage

  1. Traditional upbringing? Isn’t the woman an aetheist? I’m sorry Julia, but this smells of hypocrisy to me. Our first female prime minister, preaching to us about tradition. Why don’t you step down, because this country just isn’t ‘moving forward’ with you in the top job!

  2. I wonder how my white Australian ancestors would have ‘traditionally’ felt about a woman in charge… or an atheist in charge, or even someone in charge who was living together unmarried with another ‘living in sin’, let alone all three. We used to do a lot of things differently, but that was before we truly cared about human rights and seeing things from another’s point of view. Stop being part of holding us back, Ms. Gillard.

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