Hundreds protest changes to Marine Parks

Over a thousand people gathered at the Burnside Town Hall last night to discuss Labor’s controversial marine parks plan.

Representatives from the housing, tourism and fishing industries were among the guest speakers, but Environment and Conservation Minister Paul Caica did not attend, calling the meeting politically motivated.

The meeting was convened by Liberal MP Vicki Chapman who says the plan will devastate many country areas and wreck family holiday home investments.

Fishing enthusiasts are worried that the proposal will make fishing illegal in many popular areas such as Kangaroo Island and Yorke Peninsula.

But the man who designed the software used by the Government to determine the park locations – Professor Hugh Possingham – says dozens of studies show that marine parks will lead to better recreational fishing.

So who’s right?

Peter Owen, the Wilderness Society’s Campaign Manager, speakes to Catherine Zengerer about their side of this debate.  She started by asking him about a separate event held in Glenelg last night to support the proposal.

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2 responses to “Hundreds protest changes to Marine Parks

  1. Great to hear the benefits getting out against the hysterical misinformation campaign. And shame on Liberals for jumping on the anti conservation bandwagon.

  2. Ningaloo,Exmouth 25 – 30degc six months of the year! In case nobody noticed the Great Barrier reef doesn’t extend done to SA. And we don’t have Whale sharks!!
    Our fish are not reef bound,they are seasonal migrators.These sanctuaries will actually send them to their doom,because they are continually on the move. Fisherman will be concentrated to smaller areas.!! We are not against sanctuaries they are being put in the wrong places and are far to big!!!

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