In Focus: Uranium Mining

Starting this week, Radio Adelaide breakfast focuses on one issue a week where we explore it from multiple angles. The issues are those that matter to all of us and usually which evokes a plenty of public debate. Our series is called ‘In Focus’ and it will be our attempt to present a multi-faceted view on these issues while trying to understand the issue and its impact on the community in a greater detail. This week ‘In Focus’ is Uranium Mining in South Australia, and we start exploring this issue with the Indigenous perspective.  We are joined now by Dr. Jillian Marsh, Adelaide University research fellow, who is believed to be the first Adnyamathanha person to be awarded a PhD. She is credited for her groundbreaking research and thesis “A Critical Analysis of Decision-making Protocols used in Approving a Commercial Mining License for the Beverley Uranium Mine in Adnyamathanha Country: Toward Effective Indigenous Participation in Caring for Cultural Resources”. Jess Wingard asked Dr. Marsh how the Indigenous community viewed Uranium Mining.

Download Interview

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