Upper House crisis in SA

The resignation of Minister Bernard Finnigan from Cabinet last week has led to a major problem in the Rann Government.

Gail Gago is now the only Minister in the Legislative Council, who will now represent an additional thirteen ministers and nearly forty other portfolios in the Upper House.

This crisis in the Upper House has caused concern for other leaders including Family First MP,Robert Brokenshire, who suggests one minister cannot possibly handle this legislative role by themselves.

Greens MLC Mark Parnell also believes the work of the Rann Government will slow down as a result, and suggests it is a “joke” to leave a Government watchdog role in the hands on just one person.

As a result, many are calling for an immediate increase in Ministerial representation in the Upper House.

Mr. Parnell explained to Tom Changarathil why one minister is not enough.

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