Collect Magazine – Rejuvenating Adelaide and print media

If you sat down with someone under the age of 30 and asked them how they felt about the future of “Adelaide” or “print media”, chances are they may utter the word “dying”.

For too long this attitude has been commonplace for both the city and this form of media, but a group of Adelaide ideas people are setting out to change all that.                               

Collect Magazine rose from the ashes of street press, Merge, and with three issues already printed, its going from strength to strength.  Their self proclaimed charter states, “We make the magazine because we believe in the print medium and know nothing is dead if it’s done right. Collect talks about rejuvenation, interesting places and celebrates good people.”

Sounds like just the thing for a regenerating South Australia.

Today Jess Wingard spoke to one of the good people down at Collect Magazine, editor, Josh Fanning.

Download Interview

2 responses to “Collect Magazine – Rejuvenating Adelaide and print media

  1. Cherian Philipose

    Good on you guys for taking the initiative in such a competitive industry. Here’s hoping you become a ‘Paper Giant!’

  2. Great philosophy behind these guys!

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