In Focus: R18+ Classification for Video Games

Is R18+ rating for games a good idea? That’s the question we will seek answers for this week in our new segment ’In Focus’. Please note that it is our effort to get the widest range of opinions on any subject we focus on in this segment. Through this week we will look at the ‘R18+ classification’ and if it is good idea by bringing view points from Gamers, Advocates, Psychologists, Politicians and the Industry.

A little background on the issue before we start with the first viewpoint, currently there is the MA15+ rating for video games in Australia.

This means there is a lot of content marked MA15+ available but not necessarily suitable for that age group.  Also there are a lot of games not available here in Australia because the international rating of R18+ they carry is simply not recognised in Australia.

State Attorney-General John Rau raised the proposal of introducing a R18+ classification for video games. This took place last year in Canberra when he met with his interstate and national counterparts. He received no support.

South Australia appears to have run out of patience and plans to go ahead with a new R18+ classification without waiting for the rest of the nation. The plans are also to abolish the MA15+ category.

 So what will these changes herald and primarily is it a good idea to introduce a R18+ category classification?

 Jess Wingard was joined this morning by Mark Langford to share a Gaming Industry’s view point. Mark is the Founder & Managing Director of Game Traders who have over thirty-five retail stores across Australia, dealing in video games.

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