New political party: Rise Up Australia

The Rise Up Australia Party announced themselves as a new political party in Melbourne yesterday.

The newly formed party claims to want to protect Australian values such as freedom of speech and to prevent the erosion of Christian values in Australia.

It paints itself as a balance for the left-wing agenda and says that multiculturalism has negatives as well as benefits.

Today Tom Changarathil spoke to the Chairman of the Rise Up Australia Party, Dr. Daniel Nalliah to hear about what this political party stands for.

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2 responses to “New political party: Rise Up Australia

  1. Why do you give this idiot and his group a platform for publicity?

    The ‘Rise Up Australia’ party will never enjoy anything more than marginal electoral success in Australia, and I will eat my hat if they ever get someone elected to State or Parliament.

    I don’t understand why you would cover this, unless you are going for cheap publicity.

    Please don’t turn into the breakfast radio version of A Current Affair.

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