Norway Tragedy: Interview With Samantha Lee – National Coalition For Gun Control

Norway now overtakes Australia’s tragic record of being the place of the worst lone gunman massacre in the Western world, eclipsing Martin Bryant’s massacre at Port Arthur  in 1996, where 35 people were killed. It is unclear at this stage what firearms were used, but still the National Coalition for Gun Control is concerned. They point out that New South Wales Parliament has before it the Firearms Amendment Bill 2011. The Bill seeks to drastically erode NSW firearm laws, including allowing more general access to high-powered military style firearms and the ability to acquire air files without a criminal record check. Time Brunero spoke to Samantha Lee the Co-Chair of the National Coalition for Gun Control, and he asked her how we changed the laws after Port Arthur.

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4 responses to “Norway Tragedy: Interview With Samantha Lee – National Coalition For Gun Control

  1. Well, the Norwegians have barely began burying their dead and already Ms Lee is milking the tragedy for her own gain – absolutely disgusting. The 2011 Amendment Bill has provisions to re-categorise basic air rifles as exactly that – not firearms, which they technically aren’t, this brings us inline with other countries such as the UK – as well as allow for the transport of unloaded firearms through National Parks (necessary to access some legal hunting areas) and to remove a punitive and bureaucratic limitation on the acquisition of competition handguns once the licensee has completed their 6 month Cat H probation. There is no drastic erosion of firearms laws and the streets will not be awash with legal ‘high powered military weapons’. The sky is not falling in.

  2. Oh my, here she is again uneducated and unresearched as usual.

  3. Didn’t take long for Sam Lee and her vultures to come out dancing in the blood of these victims. The COGC certainly get a lot of air time for a organisation that contains less than ten members.

  4. Dean Johnston

    Samantha Lee is the one that we should be protected against, she is hoplophobic in the extreme and not one thing she said in that interview was base in reality or had evidence to back up.”High power” was repeated many times, there are no “high powered” fire arms, it is all relative,anti gunners use these types of words to increase the emotion of the uninformed.If one were to look, strict gun laws(Norway has strict gun laws, as most of Europe has) and they didn’t prevent this tragedy, and more law won’t prevent further tragedies. We need to find the root cause of these domestic terrorist attacks, and stop just blaming civilian gun ownership(as Jackboot Jonhhie Howard did after PAM)
    My thoughts and sympathy go out to all those effected in Norway by this tragedy.

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