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Could child protection be harming children?






Everyone wants the best for their children, but when  something is done we think is in their best interests, it could actually be doing more harm than good.

 This is especially the case when it comes to the protection of children in state care, a topic that is regularly thrown around for debate.

Adding fuel to the fire is a new report, which is examining the Australian child protection system and how it is affecting our children.

 Dr Jeremy Sammut, Research Fellow from the Centre for Independent Studies, talked with Jennie Lenman about his new report.

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His paper ‘Do Not Damage and Disturb: On Child Protection Failures and the Pressure on Out of Home Care in Australia’ is available online from the Centre for Independent Studies.

WOMADelaide 2012: Celebrating two decades of breathtaking performances








What do Spain, Scotland, the UK, Sweden, Burundi, Jamaica, South Africa, France and Ireland have in common?

They are just some of the countries which are sharing their phenomenal bands and musicians with us at next year’s WOMADelaide for its 20th anniversary year.

Womad celebrates with Blue King Brown, First Aid Kit, Bearded Gypsy Band and many other local and international performances.

Ian Scobie chatted with us about what’s store for next year at WOMADelaide and how you can be involved.

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Embarking on a long walk: time to stand up against racism








Michael Long is one of the most recognisable Indigenous figures in AFL football.

He has championed the Indigenous cause within the AFL. In 1995, Michael made a stand against racial abuse, following an on-field incident with another player, asserting that racism had no place in sport.

On 21 November 2004 Michael Long embarked an historic trek, walking from his home in the suburbs of Melbourne all the way to Parliament House in Canberra more than 650 kilometres away.

Six years on and the long walk charity is holding its first charity event – the Long Walk Women’s Luncheon –  here in Adelaide next Friday.

Nunga Wangga’s Andrea Fraser had a chance to catch up with Project Manager, Kim Kruger, and found out more about the importance of such an event and how to get involved.

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Find out more by going to The Long Walk home page.

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Tick Tock … time’s running out to see this intriguing musical










What would happen if time was entity that could be produced and stolen?

Emerging Playwright, Natalie Texler, talked to Jennie Lenman about her new play. 

In the following interview,   the rich, haunting sounds of ‘Clockwork Saloon’, a composition by Jessica Monck, can be heard followed by Natalie’s description of main character Tockie (daughter of the Creator and Destroyer of time) and the challenges she faces in the narrative.

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For ticket deals and more information you can visit Tick-Tock the Musical.