Banking on Seed Collection – Trees For Life

Seed collection is a vital part of Trees For Life (TFL). The main time for seed collection is over the summer months; a group of volunteers goes out with staff to collect seeds from different regions, targeting specific species related to our Tree Scheme program.

Propagation kits containing 1481 combination of species (ie seed) are currently being delivered to more than 1200 volunteer and landholder growers Statewide for growing this summer. Seed collected by TFL is also used in their Direct Seeding program (broad scale revegetation).

To give us a greater insight into seed collection, Bruce Smith, the Seedbank Manager at Trees For Life, joined Tim Brunero in the studio. As the Seedbank Manger, Bruce also runs seed collection workshops and manages an extensive seed collection ‘vault’ at the TFL office, which contains 220 seed species for 42 different zones around the State.


Download Interview

For more information, check out the website:

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