Rabid Dogs Windmills And Volunteers: Mike Worsman And Alyse Edwards – Our World Today

Saving a village of Buddhist monks from wild, rabies infected dogs in the middle of the jungle certainly qualifies as “good news”.
And that’s lucky, because that’s the kind of news “Our World Today” specialises in.
Mike Worsman from positive news website “Our World Today” joined us again in the Studio to give us the lowdown on the Aussie woman who saved a village from rabid canines; and the inspirational 14 year-old from Malawi who built a windmill (just using a picture) that powers his local community.
Joining Mike was one of his reporters, Alyse Edwards, who recently travelled from Brisbane to join the “Our World Today” team on site, in Adelaide.
On this, International Volunteers Day, she spoke about how much fun she was having working on a news site which focuses on the good, and not the tragic.

Download Interview

Producer: Sam Reynolds

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