Are We Uncle Sam’s Pirate Pawn?

Does the entertainment industry need to change their attitude to online piracy? Rather than prosecuting pirates, why not simply make it cheap and easy for consumers to download their products?

Instead of leaning on the Kiwi’s to storm the compounds of alleged pirates holed up in their panic rooms with sawn-off shotguns couldn’t they simply get on board with the brave new world that is the internet?

Even the proposed SOPA and PIPA Bills in the USA generated great amounts of backlash over the past week, with many user-generated sites shutting down in protest of the bills. Most spectacularly Wikipedia’s 24 hour blackout.

Professor Michael Fraser, Director of the Communications Law Centre at the University of Technology Sydney, discusses the ramifications of copyright laws for intellectual property in the USA and their potential impact on Australian citizens.

Download interview

Producer: Chris Komorek, Michael Roelink

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