How Does Your Neighbour Shower?

Our World Today‘s Mike Worsman talks to Tim Brunero about today’s good news regarding female genital mutilation decreasing; a job boom for indigenous Australians; and how does your neighbour shower – meet Margaret Hender, the brains behind “One Person Can” showing that one person can make a difference.

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Producers: Lisa Burns, Sam Reynolds, Tim Smythe

One response to “How Does Your Neighbour Shower?

  1. Great to see One Person Can has made it to radio via the Our World Today news, but I must jump in and clarify a little. The project is not all about finding out how neighbours shower – for one thing the survey answers are anonymous. “Do you take short showers” is just one of the 40 questions in the survey about typical actions householders already take to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

    The idea is that most of these actions, including how long we spend in the shower, are close to invisible. This means that too many people assume most people are doing little to reduce emissions, and that therefore any actions they themselves might consider taking would have no effect on climate change.

    The One Person Can survey is for showing everyone how many people are already taking climate-friendly actions. Just from data on rooftop solar and Green Power customers, we know at least 3 million Australians are using renewable energy, and I suspect many more are taking the cheaper and easier actions. One Person Can displays the survey results in national, state, and local area graphs. It’s not so much the peer pressure thing. It’s more about showing people that it IS worth them joining in because more people than we probably think are indeed already tackling climate change!

    Anyway, please do take the survey and see for yourselves. For One Person Can to succeed in its aims, we need lots, LOTS more householders to make their actions visible by taking the survey!

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