Work Less and Enjoy It More!

A Thinktank in Britain has found that if everyone worked less, perhaps around 20 hours, there would be more jobs to go around, more time for employees to spend with families, and less energy being consumed making for healthier skies.
The New Economics Foundation believes there is too wide a gap between those who have too much paid work and those have got little or none.
So would a plan like this be feasible in Australia, and could we really get by on only 20 hours a week?
To explain this crazy idea, Tim Brunero spoke to Richard Denniss from the Australia Institute.

Download Interview

Producers” Lisa Burns, Sam Reynolds, Tim Smythe

One response to “Work Less and Enjoy It More!

  1. Hi Tim,
    Great interview and interesting topic. I’m not sure if you’re aware but Dr Martin Seligman is joining the Adelaide Thinkers in Residence crew and hosting a conference next Friday at the Hilton. Here’s more about him:

    He could be interesting to interview…?

    Seeya round

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