World Radio Day – The far reaching effects of radio

UNESCO officially declared the 13th of February as World Radio Day after initial lobbying came from the Spanish Academy of Radio.

So why honour the medium of radio with its own day?

In a world where social media commands the attention of content makers and consumers alike, it’s a tough media market out there. Although it may feel like there is a glut of information to absorb in the Western world, for some third world nations, online access to social media is not an option.

So what do they do?….they turn to radio.

Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA is an organisation that is putting resources in to developing countries to help them access and produce radio.

To talk about a few of their different radio projects, Tim Brunero spoke with the International Program Manager for Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA, Ken Davis.


Download Interview

Producer: Mike Nicholson

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