Are you in dental denial?

Excuses, excuses. We all come up with them from time to time and a good excuse to get out of absolutely anything should never go untried.

But what do we save our most impossibly far-fetched and nonsensical tall-tales for? For when we have to visit the dentist, of course!

Creating a strategy to avoid our flouride-loving friends seems to be so popular in fact, that researchers at the Australian Centre for Population Oral Health surveyed more than 1000 Australians to find out the most loved excuses for avoiding the dentist.

Senior Research Fellow Dr Jason Armfield spoke to Tim Brunero to reveal the top excuses… and how employing them could lead to more sinister discoveries along the gum line.

Download Interview

Producer: Lisa Burns

2 responses to “Are you in dental denial?

  1. Nice listen. Even my wife avoids visiting the dentist – and I’m a dentist!

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