Adding ‘macular’ to our health vernacular

Grey hair, stiff joints and vision loss – they’re all part-and-parcel of getting older, right?

Well, not necessarily. In a recent study done by the Macular Degeneration Foundation, one-in-three Australians wrongly believed vision loss, caused by Macular Degeneration, is just a normal part of ageing.

Australian comedian Jean Kittson believed the same – that was until her mother was diagnosed with the incurable disease 20 years ago and she was told by her own doctor she has a 50% chance of developing the disease herself.

Now she is the Ambassador for Macular Degeneration Week and she spoke to Tim Brunero to share her story and discuss the importance of getting our Macular checked.

Download Interview

P.S. The Merry Musicians are a band of older Aussies who are raising awareness of you guessed it – Macular Degeneration – see them here.

Producer: Lisa Burns

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