A stronger future for the Territory?

Since Kevin Rudd’s apology to the Stolen Generations in 2008, the Labor Government has said it will strive for justice and reconciliation for Indigenous peoples all around Australia.

But the recently passed Stronger Futures legislation, which aims to create a better future for Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory, has been condemned by Aboriginal leaders, who say the law is racist and should be dumped entirely.

Radio Adelaide Breakfast producer Lisa Burns speaks to Aboriginal Elder Dr Djiniyini Gondarra about the legislation and how he and others from the Territory plan to fight it.

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Producer: Lisa Burns

2 responses to “A stronger future for the Territory?

  1. Bravo!
    We have seen the ‘consultations’!
    There are masses upon masses of submissions from people who are responsible and informed members of Australian society, whose opinions are respected and whose practical experience in Aboriginal communities gives them authority to speak… They have condemned the continuation of the racist intervention, re-labeled ‘Stronger Futures’!
    Yet despite all the evidence painstakingly provided to the Government articulating exactly how their plans disadvantage, demoralize and discriminate against Indigenous people, they stubbornly persist with this abominable attack!

    I am amazed that the Australian People are sitting back while our Government blatantly disregards human rights of the Indigenous People of this land and those who flee atrocities to seek safety and asylum in our Country!
    Do we think we are immune? By our complicity and acceptance of these abuses we have signed a new covenant that could one day see us receiving the same treatment by our beloved country!

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