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A long walk for a good cause

It might be called the Long Walk Women’s Luncheon, but plenty of men turned up to support a very worthy cause held in Adelaide last week.

The Long Walk charity has grown out of Michael Long’s walk from Melbourne to Canberra in late 2004 to highlight concerns about the situation of Indigenous people.

As patron of The Long Walk, Michael was at the luncheon to emphasise that it isn’t about Indigneous and white Australians but it’s about all Australians. The Womens’ luncheons are also held in Melbourne and Darwin to honour Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.

Christine Brown from Nunga Wangga asked Michael how long the luncheons had been happening here. She also spoke to Lesley Turner,  Michael Long’s partner and Paul Caica, the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs.

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Producer: Christine Brown

Thumbs up for thumb wrestling

Fresh from Usain Bolt’s history-making win in the 200m sprint, UK Correspondent Dermot Smyth spoke with Angus Randall about athletes with eye-catching names, Elle ‘The Body’ Macpherson’s legal woes and the World Thumb Wrestling Championships taking place alongside the olympics.

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Why ‘Reluctant Rescuers’ when lives are at stake?

The term ‘asylum seekers’ is more than likely to spark an opinion in your head, or even a debate with your family or friends.

Tragic stories hit our televisions and radios night after night, only to be shadowed by political fights and finger pointing. However author and former diplomat, Tony Kevin, has taken this complex issue in a different direction, with his new book Reluctant Rescuers.

Angus Randall was joined by Tony Kevin in the studio to discuss the complexities of the topic and shed some light on his research into Australia’s border protection.

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Producer: Angus Randall

Tackling concussion head on

The repercussions that follow a bit of “biff” on the sports field can be serious and even life threatening.  If you’re heading to the AFL this weekend you’re bound to see a clash or two that will make the crowd cringe.

Let’s hope that it doesn’t involve recalled Adelaide Crows forward Kurt Tippett, who suffered three concussions in five weeks earlier this season.

3,000 people are hospitalized from sport concussions every year which has sparked the national theme of Mild Concussion for Brain Injury Awareness Week.

Angus Randall spoke to the Executive Officer for the Brain Injury Network of SA, Mariann McNamara, about the impacts of concussion in our most loved sports.

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Producer: Angus Randall

Camel numbers have the hump with water shortage

Camels might look like fun, tongue-wagging animals that live a carefree existence, but Australia has the largest feral camel population in the world. Across Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia and Queensland you can find about 750,000 of them roaming the outback.

Scientists have recently confirmed a drop in numbers, however between 2001 and 2008 it’s estimated there was as many as 1 million feral camels in Australia!

Angus Randall spoke to Jan Ferguson, Managing Director of Ninti One that manage the Australian Feral Camel Management Project, to find out more about our lesser known neighbours and science behind the project!

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Producer: Sophie McKay