Grave-digging for ancient tales

As part of National Science Week, Director of the South Australian Museum, Professor Suzanne Miller will be lecturing about how ancient stone artefacts can tell amazing stories of royal lineages, patronage and trade. 

Professor Miller gave Tim Brunero a brief history about the people of Scotland and what carvings on gravestones can tell us about the buried person.

“Grave Matters: unlocking medieval history with rocks” is a free lecture and is on tonight at the South Australian Museum on North Tce.

For more information and to book, click here.


Download Interview

Producer: Jess Hand

One response to “Grave-digging for ancient tales

  1. A friend of mine studied gravestone inscriptions as part of his lingustics degree and says the wording you used 200 years ago were almost (pardon the pun) set in stone and that depending on who you were burying, you had to use a certain formulaic phrase. I love stuff like that but, nowadays, I like the fact people feel more inclined to put whatever they want on.

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