Leaky homeless services in need of renovation

The Australian Council of Social Services just released their Community Sector report and it is not looking good.

More than 20,000 people over a year, or fifty-six people every day, are turned away from housing services.

So why are our housing and homelessness services failing to provide for those in need?

Tim Brunero spoke with Ross Womersley, Executive Director of the South Australian Council of Social Services.

[audio https://radioadelaidebreakfast.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/ross-wormsley1.mp3]

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One response to “Leaky homeless services in need of renovation

  1. Hard to press the ‘Like’ button for such an emotive subject but it needs to be highlighted. I am an English photographer, now based in New York City and I have been photographing the homeless situation here for the past couple of years. The problem is out of control in NYC and is growing by the day. It is clear from your feature that it is impacting on society globally. Please have a look at my images of life on the streets of New York and compare them to what is happening on your side of the world. lustandrum.com

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