It’s that time of year again

Now THERE’S a brave man!

When the unlikely-sounding teams of Roller Derby battle it out for the Roller Derby Finals. This event is a double header with the Mile Die Club taking on the Wild Hearses for 3rd place followed by the Road Train Rollers and the Salty Dolls battling it out for the title of 2012 Season Champions.

The doors will open at 2 pm at the Jubilee Pavilion at the Wayville Showgrounds. Tickets are available online with OzTix or you can take your chances to get tickets at the door, however the grand final has been a SOLD OUT event every year. Therefore, it’s really best to not take your chances and get the tickets now!

Talking to Tim Brunero this morning were Philistine from the Salty Dolls, Count de Bumps from the Mile Die Club and Wolfe Whistle from Team Zebra.

Download Interview

Producer: Sarah Strong-Law

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