Pangamonium pandemonium

Chance meetings in a crazy environment. The ultimate odd couple, Francis and Easter, meet in the customs queue of the tiny kingdom of Panga. Easter has no luggage and Francis opens his to discover it’s full of sex toys.

The novel gets crazier from there. Its full of Monty Python-like scenarios, death-or-glory soldiers, a communications black spot, brilliant descriptions, and the scourge of child exploitation.

Wearing a disguise of total normality, the author, Zanesh Catkin, spoke to Tim Brunero, with excepts from the novel read by Sue Reece.

The book is available from Midnight Sun Publishing.

Download Interview

Producer: Sue Reece

One response to “Pangamonium pandemonium

  1. Hi Sue — Thanks for posting the interview. Just so you know the ‘Download Interview’ link leads to the Permaculture interview by mistake. Cheers Zanesh

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