Truthwright Truth-days

Well, it’s Tuesday – again and that meant our favourite trusty truth-teller Dr Erstwhile Truthwright told us that The King’s underpants (that he wore once in 1977) are up for auction. Truthwright claimed that the underpants could fetch over 10,000 pounds – even if they were unwashed. You only wear a white jumpsuit once!

Dr Truthwright also looked at Steven Conroy and his involvement with mediaย  censorship – Conroy was voted the dumbest politician in Australia by Zoo Magazine! He was concerned about theย  Prime Minister’s surge in the polls too.

So Truthwright’s pridiction for the week is … turmoil as WikiLeaks reveals secret documents outlining the recording of manโ€™s first landing.

For all your political needs, Dr. Erstwhile Truthwright has got you covered.

Download Interview

Producer: Jess Hand

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