We’re a Bunch of Pirates

Per capita, we are one of the worst when it comes to downloading music illegally. A study has shown that in the past year, it was recorded that Australia had 19 million illegal downloads. Australia ranks 6th in the top 10 for illegal music downloads, trailing behind the US, UK, Italy, Canada and Brazil.
The Hiltop Hoods is the most downloaded band in Australia, while Belgium (who is ranked 20th) is downloading Gotye – Somebody … yes, that one.
A report conducted by MusicMetric in the UK found that blocking torrent sites had little effect on people’s downloading. But the report also found that online streaming sites like Spotify decreased people’s illegal downloading practices.
So why is this the case? Angus Randall spoke to Vanessa Hutley, the General Manager of Music Rights Australia.

Download Interview

Produced by: Jess Hand

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