Debating the debate

The anticipated Presidential debate this week appeared to reveal Mitt Romney as the stronger debater against President Barack Obama. The former Governor was aggressive and spirited as he argued against Obama’s depictions of his policy as inaccurate, whilst battling for industry’s he believe are suffering from Obama’s policies.

Largely focused on the economy, Romney’s passion and clarity throughout the debate has likely stemmed his decline in the polls five weeks to Election Day. But will it be enough?

Bill Walter spoke to two avid followers of American politics with very different ideological persuasions.

He began the discussion with Dr. David Lundberg from Uni SA’s school of Communication and International Studies by asking about Obama’s performance.

Download Interview

Continuing on with the analysis of the US Presidential debate, Bill spoke to the head of American Studies at Flinders University, Professor Don Debats about Romney’s performance.

Download Interview

Producer: Bill Walter

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