Nothing cryptic about these crosswords!

New York Times Cryptic Crossword June 27 2010

It’s a time for celebrating. For catching up with your loved ones. For stuffing not only the turkey, but also your belly too. It’s also the time for running around like a headless chook; trying to snatch that last minute ‘Christmas Bargain’.

It’s no lie, Christmas can turn out to be more stressful than enjoyable – the most important factor is how you deal with this stress. Some of you go on vacation, others simply read a book – but have you ever tried doing a cryptic crossword? Did you find it challenging?

If you did, you’ll be glad to know you can finally stop avoiding those tricky crosswords. Listen to Chris Komorek’s interview with cryptic crossword genius Richard Burchnall – it will get you well on your way to becoming the next cryptic crossword master!

Download Interview

Producer: Chris Komorek

One response to “Nothing cryptic about these crosswords!

  1. Mary and Ken Gregg

    enjoyed Richard Burchall s cryptic segment very much. Good interview Chris – Two Cryptically challenged listeners

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