Far beyond fear

As humans, fear is a primal instinct.

While many fear common things like dogs, spiders, heights or war, some people can faint at the sight of blood or a needle.

It is a normal thing to feel uneasy in these sorts of situations – however when this fear begins to impede on your daily lifestyle it becomes more serious. In this case, it’s likely that you could have a phobia.

People with Phobias can become so burdened by their fears that they change their whole lifestyle – for example; not being able to step foot in a high-rise building due to Acrophobia; the fear of heights.

Phobias believe it or not are one of the most common mental disorders; but what separates a phobia from a simple fear?

We spoke to Professor Jacques Metzer from UniSa’s Centre for Applied Psychological Research,to learn what factors contribute to Phobias.
Produced by Clayton Trevor.
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