Joyful Strains and beautiful words

Not everyone has cause to celebrate Australia Day the way that some of us do: with a BBQ and a Beer.

For example, the Indigenous people consider the 26th of January to be a day of ultimate betrayal where their freedom was taken away from them. Or refugees and asylum seekers who are fighting for a place of peace after leaving their war-torn homes. Those who miss their own history, music, food, poetry and politics and aren’t accepted or understood in this culture.

Migration has never been such a contentious issue in Australia, so Kent MacCarter and Ali Lemer have explored these concepts and what it means to be an Australian in the book ‘Joyful Strains: Making Australia Home’.

Adelaide-based Chilean author, Juan Garrido-Salgado has contributed to the book, with his personal story: “I Have Three Wounds: Of Life, Love, and Death”. He joined Bill Walter in the studio to talk about it.

Download Interview

Produced by Jennie Lenman

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