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Getting inside the heads of our youth

We are told that children are our future, but what is really going on behind the counter at your local fast food place?

Every year Mission Australia conducts a survey to get a handle on the views and concerns of our country’s teens.

The information we get can then be used by governments and community groups to help our youth.

Angus Randall spoke to Mission Australia’s South Australian State Director, Carol Hampton, about the current survey running until the 17th of August.

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You can participate in the survey here.

Producer: Ingrid Ditmar-Jansse

Tristen Bird twangs and tweets

It’s been eight months since musician Tristan Bird joined us in the Radio Adelaide studio, and we’re delighted to have him back.

Tristen Bird is a multi-talented musician who has grown up with music and interestingly enough, birds, working at Adelaide’s local Gorge Wildlife park.

Tristen Birds’s debut album, Horse To Water, mixed by ARIA award winner Shane O’Mara, has been praised as “gentle, intimate and lovingly crafted”.

The Melbourne based artist has flocked back to his nest, and joined Angus Randall in the studio for a brand new song.

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Producer: Alexina Coad

Smaller fish, bigger chairs

Is fresh young blood shaking up the royal firm? 

Should the UK be following Australia’s lead in marine conservation?

And as deck chairs get bigger, we say hello to the Wide Boy!

Correspondent Dermot Smyth brings us different news with a different accent, all the way from the UK.

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Producer: Angus Randall

Power of the voice, spear of the pen

Legendary musician the late Jimmy Little was a proud Yorta Yorta man, born on the banks of the Murray near Echuca and is remembered for his gentle soul and velvet voice.

However the legacy he’s left behind hasn’t just been in the music world. His massive contribution to improving Aboriginal health through the Jimmy Little Foundation which he personally financed will  always be remembered.

Lou Bennett is another internationally known Yorta Yorta musician and actor, best known for being the lynchpin of the legendary female band Tiddas. During its 10 years, the band became the only all female group to win an ARIA award.

Andrea Fraser of NungaWangga chatted to Lou about the influences of the late Jimmy Little on her life and career. She began by asking Lou about the first time she met Jimmy Little.

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Producer: Christine Brown

What’s fishy about our water?

Yesterday Environment Minister Tony Burke announced that Australia will be setting the standard for marine protection with the creation of the world’s largest network of marine parks.

The network will be made up of five main zones in offshore waters surrounding every state and territory.

Environmentalists are rejoicing the landmark decision to protect our oceans, but for the Australian fishing industry the tide has taken a turn for the worse.

Angus Randall spoke to Brian Jeffriess from the Commonwealth Fisheries Association about the concerns of the fishing industry.

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Producer: Sophie McKay

Rabbits Gone Wild

We’ve been trying to deal with the First Fleet’s decision to introduce rabbits to Australia for a very long time.

For a while it seemed the bunny dilemma was under control, however in the north of our state the rabbits are returning.

Bon Bon Station, a conservation reserve south of Roxby Downs, has been particularly effected by the rabbit explosion over the past few years.

Angus Randall spoke to station manager and self-described ‘dozer-driving greenie’ Glen Norris about the impacts and solutions.

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Producer: Angus Randall

Roll up, roll up, The Cabaret is in town!

The Adelaide Cabaret Festival is opening tonight and promises to deliver a host of delightful, charming and talented acts.

Sometimes nice and sometimes a bit naughty, the Adelaide Cabaret Festival has a 12 year history, and this year promises to once again breathe dance, song and music into the heart of Adelaide.

To discover the difference between Boylesque and Burlesque Angus Randall spoke to producer of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Torben Brookman.

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Producer: Alexina Coad

The highs and lows of homebirths

For most the birth of a child is a special time, but for some it can be devastating.

Birth rights are a human right here in Australia, however homebirths have received a great deal of negative coverage as of late, following a striking coronial inquest.

An investigation into the deaths of three newborns in South Australia concluded the deaths might have been avoided had they not been homebirths. As a result, the recommendation has been made to report women with risk factors who are looking to give birth at home.

But could this push home births underground and result in more tragic outcomes?

Spokesperson for the Australian College of Midwives, Hannah Dahlen joined Angus Randall to discuss the current debate.

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Producer: Sophie McKay

Digging up the dirt on dinosaurs

Jurassic Park taught us many things.

It taught us that dinosaurs can open doors. That Sam Neil should be an action hero in more things. And that in the battle of humans vs dinosaurs, we’re in deep trouble.

But do you know what dinosaurs you might have seen in your backyard?

A whole range of species have been found in Australia, including some that you would not like to meet in a dark alley.

Dr Tom Rich from Monash University has led the hunt for the fossils, and spoke with Angus Randall on Breakfast.

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Producer: Angus Randall

Jubilant feelings in London

The Queen is celebrating 60 years as a Monarch this year, and the atmosphere in London is quite jubilant.

But what else is happening in the motherland?

If you thought there was only added hormones in chickens, think again. Why is it costing  30 billion pounds to clean hormone polluted rivers?

And also, who is dressing up in court?

Dermot Smyth spoke with Angus Randall.

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