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Kat weighs in on Movie 43

Movie 43Kat McCarthy joined Angus in the studio to talk about a film that’s been so derided it’s not funny…just like the film.

What does a movie critic of 26 years think of this new film?




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Japan, Hollywood and Dustin Hoffman

DustinThe Big Issue has again been released, bringing quality stories from the streets to your hands.

What’s happening in Japan, why is Hollywood going political and what’s next for Dustin Hoffman?

Patrick Whitton joins me on the line to tell you what to expect from this fortnight’s issue.


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German Bogan Vegan Strippers

GBVSAdelaide Fringe show German Bogan Vegan Strippers explores the metamorphosis of two ordinary German bogan girls into alluring Aussie vegan strippers.

Their adventures culminates in a charity project they hope will take off by taking it all off.

Merle and Janine joined Angus in the studio.

German Bogan

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Who’s sitting at the roundtable? publik 15 native title Native Title is no doubt one of the most important laws in Australia’s history and twenty years on since it was first brought in key stakeholders have gathered to discuss current measures to improve the Native Title process for the future.

A roundtable was held on Friday with everyone from the National Farmers Federation, to native title experts, to Indigenous groups and Mining companies, and all others who have an interest in this Great Southern Land of ours.

Mr Shayne Neumann MP is Chair of the Committee on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs, and was at the roundtable on Friday, and he spoke with Angus about what’s in store for Native Title in the future.

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Cairo celebrates!

amobasher.deviantart.comThe Arab Spring is a tale of a brave youth spread across several Arab countries revolting against corruption, poverty and rigged elections.

Whilst there is a constant flow of media from the region, how do we evaluate the success of countries like Tunisia, Libya and Egypt moving towards democracy?  How is our media coloring this tale?

Adel Abdel Ghafar is the Middle East Expert at the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies at the Australian National University.  He’s joining us live from the streets of Cairo as the people commemoratethe down fall of President Muburak.

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Swan snapped smoking SmokingWe’ve all heard the warnings and seen the grotesque images on the packets of cigarettes, but what happens when you see a pregnant woman smoking?

Media identity Chrissie Swan found herself in a situation last week when paparazzi snapped photos of her having a cheeky cigarette whilst pregnant.

The internet was abuzz with a mixture of support and derision. Whether you agree or not, do we have any right to pass judgment on her?

To discuss these issues on our Feminist Insider segment Karen Pickering, presenter and commentator and host of monthly feminist talk show, Cherchez la Femme joined Angus in studio.

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The Legacy of the Man on the 50 Dollar Note

With Universities holding open days this weekend, Christine Brown went to find out more about post graduate courses at Uni SA. Frances Wyld, the Director of post grad studies was just the person who could provide a bit of an insight into what is offered through the David Unaipon College of Indigenous Education and Research at Uni SA.


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Survival Day, the other side of Australia Day

So for a lot of people Australia Day will be spent on backyard barbies, the cricket, but to many others Australia Day takes a different meaning.

This year Survival Day marks the 40th Anniversary of the Tent Embassy, a protest in Canberra to represent the political rights ofAustralia’s indigenous population.

The occasion will be recognised with an event at the Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, where Radio Adelaide will be broadcasting live from 3pm.

Andrea Fraser from Radio Adelaide’s Nunga Wangga program spoke to Jordan Archer about the event, and started with an acknowledgement.

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South Aussie recognised with Australia Day honour

Robyn Layton has spent a number of decades fighting for the rights of the disadvantaged.

She has worked as a Supreme Court Judge and is currently co-chair of Reconciliation South Australia and Adjunct Professor at the UniSA School of Law.

While Geoffery Rush may have taken out the top prize, this year Robyn was named SA Australian of the Year 2012 and shespoke to Jordan Archer about yesterday.

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Iran – Are we all in serious trouble?

Iran scored an Oscar Nomination for best foreign language film with “A Separation”, but outside of Hollywood all is not well between Iran and the West.

Australia has followed the European Union in stopping oil imports from the country, and the US, France and Britain have sent warships near to Iran.

The conflict is over the Strait of Hormuz, which has around twenty per cent of the world’s oil go through it.

Associate Professor Felix Patrikeeff from the school of history and politics at the University of Adelaide told Jordan Archer about what makes the Strait of Hormuz so important.

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