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One Billion Rising

vdayDid you realize that one in three women on the planet are beaten or raped in their lifetime?

With the world population at seven billion, this adds up to more than one billion women and girls who will be violated.

This staggering statistic has prompted a global movement to raise awareness and to protest violence against women.

Katrine Hildyard is host of the event One Billion Rising held in Rundle Mall. She spoke with Angus on Breakfast to tell us more about the movement.

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Love your heart <3

heart_foundation_logoWhether you’re cooking up some crispy bacon and runny eggs, hand making a card with lots of care or rushing down last minute to the local fruiterer to pick up one of the thousands of red roses – there’s a common theme in today’s activities – and that is love.

Whilst there are roses, chocolates and teddy bears to express your love, the most recognizable symbol is a heart.

There’s hardly a better time to think about your heart than on Valentine’s Day, and the Heart Foundation of Australia is urging Australians to book in for a check up with their doctors.

Heart Foundation SA CEO Dr Amanda Rischbieth joined Angus Randall to discuss heart health on Valentine’s day.

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Equality in Australia – when

Same-sex couples in the UK are preparing to rejoice, as British parliament has overwhelmingly voted in favour of legislation to allow gay marriage.

If approved, the bill is expected to take effect in 2015, and will see Britain join the list of 10 countries that allow same-sex marriage.

To find out more about this big news and what it means for Australia’s gay community, Rodney Croome from the organisation ‘Australian Marriage Equality’ joined Angus on Breakfast.

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The Viennas ain’t silly sausages

IMG_20130207_085355The Viennas are a band made up by two brothers and three cousins and they’ve been rocking Adelaide with their original tunes and energetic live shows.

Their indie pop sound is based around strong female vocals, catchy melodies and soaring guitars.

Members Daniel Sharp, Michael Sharp, Tess Sharp, Angus Tulloch and Timothy Moore joined Angus in the studio to speak about their adventures and play a few tracks!

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Separate Track Listings:

Download Mp3: The Viennas – Day is Long

Download Mp3: The Viennas – Patterns

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A smooth transition?

The Liberal Leadership handover from Isobel Redmond to Steven Marshall has been very smooth.

There was barely a mention of it in yesterday’s question time and both the Liberal and Labor camps appear to have their attention elsewhere.

Marshall is often referred to as a rookie or junior MP as he’s still very early in his political career, but the subtle changeover yesterday caught a great deal of commentators off guard.

What can we expect from our new opposition leader and what else is shifting in South Australian politics? Dr Rob Manwaring has the answers.

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Neanderthals infertile potatoes and gold germs

Neanderthals, Sperm and Gold-Digging Bacteria were the hot topics for our fortnightly chat with Paul Willis from RiAus this week.

This one is for you, science buffs!

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Is work driving you crazy

We spend upwards of eight hours a day with them, but how much do you really know about the people you are working alongside?

Almost half of all Australians will experience a mental illness in their lives. This means either you or someone you know is suffering from a disease that carries with it an unfortunate stigma.

The solution to these worrying statistics may lie in the workplace. CEO of SANE Australia, Jack Heath, spoke to Angus Randall on Breakfast this morning.

Lifeline: 13 11 14

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Libs slam our small venues

Summer nights are fantastic for heading out to town for a glass of vino and tapas at your favourite small venue around our lovely city.

With the Adelaide Fringe right around the corner, these small venues will soon be booming. Or so you’d imagine. The Upper House Liberal members are in line to block the Small Venue License Amendment and this is causing headaches for many small venues around the state.

Helen Marcou is the co founder of SLAM – Save Live Australia’s Music – and she joined Angus Randall on Breakfast to explain what blocking this amendment could mean for small venues around Adelaide.

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Queensland Floods: Francis Attard’s story

The crisis in Queensland has claimed lives, homes and properties as flood waters swept much of the state over the past week.

Francis Attard manages two farms in the Burnett Heads region of Queensland, growing Sugarcane, a variety of tomatoes, rockmelons and Queensland’s only seedless watermelon.

Unfortunately he’s taken a hit from ex-Tropical Cyclone Oswald.

Like many farmers he has lost stock and had property damaged.

Francis Attard took time out of his clean-up process to speak with Angus Randall, direct from Burnett Heads in Queensland.

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Rain rain go away we’d prefer not to pay

Queensland is flooding, but we cannot afford to forget the drought that will be just around the corner, or in a different part of the country.

It’s been a rumour for years that governments would like to actually tax the rainwater that falls on our properties.

Family First senator, Robert Brokenshire, spoke to Angus Randall about this persistent fear, and his resulting bill to ban any government from doing so.

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