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Between the devil and the deep blue sea

Christmas Island Refugees.The documentary Between The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea explores the reasons why refugees risk their lives to reach Australia, the challenges, risks and injustices they face.

It’s directed by Jessie Taylor who travelled across Indonesia to find these stories, and she spoke to Angus Randall.

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Producer: Ian Newton

Drugs in sports

Pic courtesy of Drug RehabilitationThe cycling world was shaken by the confession of Lance Armstrong regarding his use of performance enhancing drugs throughout his career, but cycling is not the only sport turning to unethical avenues in the name of a win.

After a twelve month investigation, the Australian Crime Commission has released a report revealing that performance enhancing drugs are increasingly prevalent and are used across many different sporting codes.

Angus Randall spoke to CEO of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, Liesel Wett.

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Producer: Kristen Theologou

20,000 kms – that was close

Asteroide-2012-DA14Millions of years ago one of the major contributors to the extinction of dinosaurs was an asteroid.

On February 15th the Asteroid 2012 DA14 will pass through our orbit and will come as close to Earth as possible without hitting it.

Angus Randall spoke to Simon O’Toole about the nature of this asteroid and what it will mean for the astronomical community.

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Producer: Hannah Salisbury-Carter

But the platypus are still OK

Platypus Pic - flickrNative animals are an important part of Australia but it’s an all too real reality that some of these native species are becoming endangered.

Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary has protected these animals for many years, however due to financial difficulties the sanctuary is set to close on the 1st of March.

Angus Randall spoke to Warrawong Founder, John Wamsley, about the closure.

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Producer: Hannah Salisbury-Carter

Heavenly voices no backing

Heavenly Choir Pic -Can you imagine singing without any instruments and using only your voice to create music?

Well that’s exactly what the singers of Heaven Knows a Capella do.

With 20 years of experience and performing at this year’s Fringe Festival, group members Jane Hewetson and Claire Cowen spoke to Angus Randall this morning.

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Producer: Hannah Salisbury-Carter

Pakehas and calamari that eats you

Giant Squid Pic - flickrWhat’s the worst thing you’ve ever been called? There are plenty of names you could take offence at, but a survey in New Zealand has shown that being called a Pakeha is not one of them.

To find out what exactly a Pakeha is, and whether he was even saying it correctly; and what about that giant squid? Angus Randall spoke to our New Zealand Correspondent, Lucas Jensen Carey.

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No it wasn’t Bacon!

Shakespeare Pic - nearestplacetoheaven“But soft, what light from yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun…” Romeo and Juliet

William Shakespeare is widely considered to be the best writer in the English language.

Tim Overton and Anna Cheney, the actors performing in the Fringe’s Shakespeare On Love, joined Angus Randall this morning.

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Producer: Hannah Salisbury-Carter

What’s up, doc?

Pic - flickrMost men, at some point in their life, have had problems in the bedroom, but while common causes can include medications, chronic illnesses, or just having a few too many to drink, new Australian research has shown that serious erectile dysfunction can actually be a symptom of heart disease.

Head Researcher of The Sax Institute’s “Forty Five and Up” study, Professor Emily Banks, spoke to Angus Randall.

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Producer: Tarnia George

Gays governments cats and New Zealand

Rainbow ConnectionGay marriage isn’t just on the Government’s agenda here, but over the Tasman, the New Zealand government is taking giant strides towards marriage equality, with a Bill currently being considered by a select committee; but a quirky submission on the legislation is making headlines.

To tell us more, our charismatic correspondent, Lucas Jensen-Carey, spoke to Angus Randall this morning.

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Producer: Lisa Burns

Here we go again

If last year felt like a particularly negative year for Australian politics, who knows what an election year will serve up?

Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, labelled Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, a misogynist. Abbott continues to label Gillard a liar, and the general public get sick of the negative attacks and rhetoric whilst wanting to get the country back on track.

To take a look at Federal Politics for 2013, Ben Eltham, from the independent political analysis website, New Matilda, spoke to Angus Randall.

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Producer: Mike Nicholson