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Look into my eyes, the eyes…

Would you be prepared to be hypnotised on stage in front of a large audience?

Stage hypnotist Isaac Lomman does just this in the name of fun and entertainment.

He spoke to Sue Reece about his Fringe Show ‘ Comedy Hypnosis: A World of Enchantment’, in which he bypasses the normal state of mind and takes people to a subconsciousness beyond their imagination…

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Produced by Sue Reece

It’s not a Con…

The Con Artists are not a seedy group of scammers… but a six-part a capella vocal  group who sing their own arrangements inspired by ‘nerd culture’.

They’ll be performing at the Fringe this March, stealing the show with their vibrant harmonies and costumed fun inspired by film & TV, games, the Internet and pop culture.

The Con Artists joined us in the studio to share some harmonious harmonies from their show ‘Sing All The Memes’.

Check out the interview and tunes below!

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Produced by India Hooi

In The Dark: Stories through Sound

Radio… it’s all about the art of listening.

If you are a loyal Radio Adelaide listener, you may have heard the program Sound Seekers on Wednesday nights.

If you enjoy that show, you’re sure to love The South Australian Radio Collective’s event ‘In the Dark‘.

‘In the Dark – Nocturne’ is a night of stories told through sound and is to be held tonight under the stars in the Adelaide Festival Centre’s Garden.

Natalie Oliveri, from the South Australian Radio Collective, joined Angus Randall to tell us all about the event.

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Produced by Ingrid Goetz

Incarceration or Rehabilitation?

While Aboriginal people make up a small percentage of the Australian population, the reverse is true in our prison system.

Are we failing these Aboriginal communities, and what can be done to curb this continuing trend?

A new report looks at the benefits of indigenous rehabilitation over incarceration.

Scott Wilson, Deputy Chair of the National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Committee (NIDAC), joined Angus Randall on the line from Canberra to discuss the report.

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Produced by Mike Nicholson

Manus Island Detention Centre

Imagine having to flee your home and move to a new country for a better life, only to be faced with substandard living conditions on arrival.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees recently released a report containing serious concerns about the Manus Island Detention Facility in Papua New Guinea.

Numerous recommendations in the report suggest that the facility has a long way to go towards meeting standards.

Angus Randall spoke with Paul Power, the CEO of the Refugee Council of Australia, to discuss the report.

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Produced by Bill Walter

A Super Science Segment

Here at Breakfast on Radio Adelaide we’re an inquisitive bunch – that’s why we’ve enlisted the services of the Royal Institute of Australia to help us delve into the weird and wonderful world of science every fortnight.

We’ll be joined by Director of RiAus, Paul Willis, to discuss all manner of ‘sciencey’ topics.

Paul joined Angus Randall in the studio this morning to tell us about RiAus and to discuss the all the latest goings on in the science world.

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Producers: Mike Nicholson & Angus Randall

A Home for Asylum Seekers

Asylum Seekers. The very phrase has divided Australia.

Most of us are descendants of immigrants – but what is the best way to deal with the latest arrivals to our shores?

David Kelly from the Australian Homestay Network spoke to Angus Randall about one positive solution.

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Producer: Sue Reece

A Fishy Festival

Think you’ve got some superior fish-throwing skills?

The 52nd annual Tunarama Festival is happening at Port Lincoln this weekend, featuring the world famous ‘Tuna Toss’.

Aside from the many wacky sea-themed competitions, there’ll be music, markets, food and wine.

Festival coordinator Bridget North spoke to Angus Randall to tell us all the fishy details.

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Producer: India Hooi

A Flagging Symbol of Identity?

Will you be putting up an Aussie flag this Australia Day?

The question is, is our flag still a good representation of our multicultural society and values?

A recent media poll has revealed that many Australians feel the flag is being used in casual and negative ways that promote division and intolerance rather than unity and harmony.

Angus Randall discussed the issue with PhD student and researcher Ben Moffitt from Sydney University’s Department of Government and International Relations.

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Producer: India Hooi

Big Day for Blues

If you’re headed to Big Day Out, be sure to check out blues rocker Gary Clark Jr.

The guitarist is perhaps one of the most exciting young artists in the line up this year, known for his fuzzy guitar sound and smooth vocal style.

His most recent album Black & Blue has become a favourite here on the Breakfast show.

Ryan Winter chatted to Clark earlier this week.

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Producer: Ryan Winter