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First Aid includes mental illness training

First aid is the help you give someone before specialized treatment can be obtained, but have you ever thought about providing mental health first aid to someone developing a mental health problem or in a mental health crisis?

Unlike physical first aid most people have never even heard about it, let alone done the course.

Yet you are far more likely to be needed by a friend, family member or colleague with regards to their mental rather than physical health.

Jess Wyngard spoke with South Australian Greens parliamentarian, Tammy Franks yesterday about the benefits of Mental Health First Aid courses.

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Tammy MLC Mental Health First Aid

Locusts could cause problems for SA produce

A strategic plan has been put in across the State to save South Australia $2 billion from locusts destroying farmer’s lively hoods and furthermore the states produce and exports.

Premier Mike Rann has declared war on the locusts and has opened the Locust Control Centre in Orroroo with Agriculture Minister Micheal O’Brien.

Radio Adelaide’s Angelique Paterson caught up with Minister Micheal O’Brien, who indicated if the recent locust hatchlings aren’t dealt with whilst they are still on the ground South Australian farmers will be in a lot of trouble.

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Minister for Agriculture Micheal O’Brien on locusts in South Australia September 28

Lori Bell leads the ladies in Adelaide Comedy

Adelaide Comedy is embracing all female comedians this week as Ladies Night kicks off at Arkaba Ha Ha tonight.

The lucky host of the event is our very own Lori Bell who won Best Newcomer at this years and last years Adelaide Fringe Festival.

To celebrate female comedians and to give us a laugh on this Tuesday morning Adelaide Comedian Lori Bell joins Peter Godfrey on the Breakfast Program.

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Adelaide Female Comedian Lori Bell September 21

The Refugee Council calling to explore alternatives to detention

We have a new government, but it seems business as usual in regard to asylum seekers, with plans to increase capacity at detention centres in WA and far north Queensland.

Refugee advocates like The Refugee Council are calling on immigration minster Chris Bowen to explore alternatives to detention rather than finding additional places of detention, and the Greens say asylum seekers should be brought to the mainland and housed close to support services.

Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young speaks with Breakfast Presenter Peter Godfrey to determine if alternative detention could be an option for the government.

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Re-think needed on Asylum Seeker policy Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young September 21

Australian father reunited with son in Europe

A Sydney father spent more than two years chasing his kidnapped son around the world….last week, after cycling 6,500 kms around Europe to highlight his plight and get his child’s photo into local media, former New South Wales Deputy Fire Chief, Ken Thompson was reunited with his 6 year old son Andrew.

Ken speaks to Breakfast presenter Peter Godfrey from Amsterdam about his journey to find his son.

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Father Ken Thompson reunites with son Andrew September 21

Proposed limits to problem gamblers, would they work?

With the newly elected government brokering a deal with Tasmanian Independent, Andrew Wilkie on gambling reform, independent South Australian Senator Nick Xenephon has called for extensive consultation between the hotel industry, welfare groups and stakeholders before strict playing measures on poker machines are adopted.

Breakfast Presenter Peter Godfrey asks Senator Nick Xenephon how Andrew Wilkie’s plan to block problem gamblers from using poker machines once they reach a self imposed limit could be imposed.

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Proposal to limit problem gamblers Nick Xenephon14 September