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Jeeves, be a dear and pay our bill

Guess who picked up the bill from Queen’s recent tour of Oz?

You and me that’s who.

During her recent 11 day tour of Australia in October, the Queens passed out alot of gifts to Australian dignitaries.

The only problem was she passed the bill onto the  tax-payer, in a little-know regal practice called “passing the costs to the realms”.

This time round 40 dignitaries, including Prime Minister Julia Gillard, and Governor-General Quentin Bryce, received framed photographs and other mementos from the Queen, at a cost of over $14,000. The nation is also liable for the cost of the tour, amounting to more than $1 million.

General Michael Keating, AO, chair of the Australian Republican Movement  spoke about the Queen’s unpaid bills and the future of the monarchy supplying our head of state.

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Produced By: Chris Komorek, Michael Roelink

Don’t be stuck at home on Australia’s Birthday!

Well Australia’s Birthday is coming up – and that means a day off for all you hard workers; and possibly a four day weekend for those less-hard workers out there (not that there’s anything wrong with pulling a sicky).

Whether you’re planning to stay home and relax, cheer on the Aussies in the third day of the Test Match at Adelaide Oval, attempt to bake some Lamingtons or even become an Australian Citizen; Breakfast Producers Chris Komorek and Michael Roelink have five top notch suggestions of what to do in Adelaide in order to celebrate and have an enjoyable day!

What to do in Adelaide on Australia Day

Producer: Chris Komorek, Michael Roelink

Are We Uncle Sam’s Pirate Pawn?

Does the entertainment industry need to change their attitude to online piracy? Rather than prosecuting pirates, why not simply make it cheap and easy for consumers to download their products?

Instead of leaning on the Kiwi’s to storm the compounds of alleged pirates holed up in their panic rooms with sawn-off shotguns couldn’t they simply get on board with the brave new world that is the internet?

Even the proposed SOPA and PIPA Bills in the USA generated great amounts of backlash over the past week, with many user-generated sites shutting down in protest of the bills. Most spectacularly Wikipedia’s 24 hour blackout.

Professor Michael Fraser, Director of the Communications Law Centre at the University of Technology Sydney, discusses the ramifications of copyright laws for intellectual property in the USA and their potential impact on Australian citizens.

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Producer: Chris Komorek, Michael Roelink

Time to take our car industry to the wreckers?

With another round of layoffs in the automotive industry, this time at Toyota’s Melbourne plant, things are starting to look shaky for auto workers.

With the strengthening of the Australian dollar, making Australian built cars more expensive, fewer orders are being lodged for Australian built vehicles.

Australian Manufacturing Workers Union Vehicle Division Federal Secretary, Ian Jones, believes car builders still have a long future in Australia as it moves towards advanced manufacturing.

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Producer: Chris Komorek, Michael Roelink

Testing, Testing 1 – 2 – Tree…?

Results from the recent NAPLAN tests show an alarming disparity between metropolitan and regional students, sometimes up to 20%.

And years 3, 5, 7 and 9 results for South Australian students are only higher than the Northern Territory community.

Whilst the results are on par with students from Western Australia, alarmingly they are lower than those of New South Wales and Victoria.

Minister for Education and Child Development, Grace Portolesi, discussed these results with Tim Brunero.

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Producer: Chris Komorek, Michael Roelink

Rising Star Gabrielle Hyde

Singer/songwriter Gabrielle Hyde has been a prominent face in the local music scene for several years now, dazzling audiences with her unique voice and intricately crafted lyrics.

Gabrielle joined Jennie Lenman in the studio for a chat and a tune, playing the title track from her EP-in-the-making The Beast.

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You can catch Gabrielle fronting Penny Farthing and the Crash of 33 next Thursday the 8th of December @ the Ed Castle and solo next Saturday night (10/12/2011) @ The Jade Monkey.

Producer Sophie McKay

Civil Union Victory

Can you believe that it was only 21 years ago that homosexuality was decriminalized in Queensland? Fast forward to 2011 and the State has seen another historical day for gay rights.

Labor has just introduced a bill that recognises same sex unions and enables same sex couples to register their union.

The provisions of the new Civil Partnership act are a step forward for marriage equality advocates, however there is still a long way to go.

Jennie Lenman spoke to Alex Greenwich from Australian Marriage Equality about the bill and its impact.

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Producer Sophie McKay

Fact or Fiction; clearing up cancer confusion

How much of what you know about cancer prevention is true?

For example, do you know whether you can still get lung cancer if you don’t smoke? And does positive thinking reduce your risk of cancer?

There are many myths circulating and around three quarters of Australians are confused about what prevents cancer and what causes it.

Jennie Lenman spoke to Cancer Council Chief Executive Ian Olver about the confusion surrounding cancer prevention.

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For more information you can head to the Cancer Councils new website iheard to get the facts.

Producer Jennie Lenman

Indigenous Education: will punitive measures help or hinder?

The federal government is linking school attendance with welfare payments. This will begin in 17 Northern Territory Aboriginal communities.

Nunga Wangga spoke with Professor Peter Buckskin, Dean of the Unaipon College of Indigenous Research and Education, at Uni SA.

Professor Buckskin is internationally renowned for his expertise and experience as an educator and comes from the Narungga people of South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula.

Christine Brown asked him whether punitive measures will get Aboriginal students going to school.

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Producer Christine Brown

Can sonic screwdrivers change the way we eat?

When Doctor Who wants to check if his sandwich is indeed tuna and not dolphin he simply sonics it with his screwdriver.

For the rest us non-alien creatures, this technology is well beyond our reach, or is it?

Devices like the doctor’s sonic screwdriver and Startrek’s tricorder used to identify alien species have always been technologies of tomorrow, but now, thanks to DNA barcoding, they are here today.

On the weekend Adelaide will be host to the Fourth International Barcode for Life conference, Professor of Plant Conservation Biology Andrew Lowe from Adelaide University spoke with Jennie Lenman and told us a bit more about these fantastical devices.

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Producer Ali Coad

Image courtesy of Flickr-er Rakka