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Weight loss under the knife


Did you know that only 6% of Australian adults consume the recommended daily amount of both fruit and vegetables?

Around the world, obesity is becoming increasingly more common, but what method is most effective to return to a healthy weight?

Angus Randall spoke to Associate Professor Wendy Brown about how a 15 year study shows that gastric banding may be the answer for those struggling with obesity.

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Producer: Hannah Salisbury-Carter

First place in first aid

St johns

Would you know what to do if you came across an emergency?

Thousands of children and teenagers around Australia do, including aspiring neurosurgeon and this years St John National First Aid Champion, Alia Sibich.

Alia chatted to Angus Randall about how she won the award, St John’s and emergency training .

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Producer: Kristen Theologou

“Like for a rate” – Kids taking Facebook too far?


We’ve all got that person we’ve blocked on Facebook because of their tedious status updates about the weather or what they’ve had for lunch.

But what are our kids posting on Facebook that is a cause for serious concern?

Angus Randall spoke to University of South Australia Academic, Lesley-Anne Ey about how Facebook is contributing to the sexualisation of young girls.

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Producer: Kristen Theologou

Hot and not around Adelaide


Adelaide is full of little gems, but what about the spots that aren’t so crash hot? A group of experts have identified the best a worst spots of our little city.

Plus, less cars around the city – it’s a great plan for our health as well as the environment – but what’s the downfall of the Smart Move Strategy? And no, we dont mean an increase in lycra.

Angus Randall spoke to In Daily‘s Liam Mannix about all this and more.

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Producer: Kristen Theologou

How to win a Logie, with Jordan Raskopoulos


How can you get a lesser known celebrity to win a Gold Logie, lick the face of a Today Show reporter and speak jibberish during his acceptance speech?

Just vote for him!

One man willing to abuse the easy online voting system is actor and comedian, Jordan Raskopoulos. He spoke to Angus Randall about just how easy it is to win the logies.

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Producer: Jennie Lenman

A penny for your smile?


They say that money can’t buy you happiness, but a new study from the University of Auckland says we might be able to buy it after all!

New Zealand health officials are in a frenzy as a deadly influenza could hit its shores this year.

NZ Correspondent, Lucas Jensen-Carey spoke to Angus Randall about this and everything else happening in New Zealand this week.

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Producer: Hannah Salisbury-Carter

Time for a change

How many nappies did your kids go through when they were growing up? Not 2.1 million, but that’s how many nappies are added to landfill every year.

Keep South Australia Beautiful thinks we can definitely improve this and have launched a new option for environmentally conscious mums.

Angus Randall spoke to Michelle Campbell from the Berri Barmera Council to find out more about how her council area has got involved.

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Producer: Lisa Burns

From across the ditch

Where did New Zealand come from? Do they drink too much over there? And how smart are they?

If you’ve been looking for answers to these questions, then look no further.

Angus Randall got the answers to all these important questions when he chatted to our New Zealand Correspondent, Lucas Jensen-Carey.

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Producer: Kristen Theologou

Classic Disney

What’s your favourite Disney movie? Are you a Lion King fan? Or perhaps Aladdin was your thing?

Well, we all love a classic Disney flick and today on breakfast cinejunkies chatted about the first Disney movie to hit the silver screen.

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Producer: Chris Anderson & Cameron Schwarz

Just because we care

Some things in life are unavoidable; ageing, injury, accidents, illness. But when these things do happen, it’s nice to know that there is someone there to care for us and ease the struggles these circumstances might bring.

In turn, each week hundreds of people face the shock of becoming someone’s carer. Whether it be a good friend or a loving family member, this is a life style change that many people face.

To acknowledge this selfless act, this week is carers week and to take a closer look at what it’s like to be a carer, Angus Randall chatted to Mark Butler, the Federal Minister for Mental Health and Ageing.

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Producer: Sue Reece