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Australia in the age of the Asian Century

Julia Gillard is facing a backlash from members in her own party about key aspects of her Australia in the Asian Century white paper. The paper aims to reach out to Asia with more free trade and easier immigration.

Angus Randall spoke to Paul Drum, the Head of Business and Investment for CPA where Australia stands in the Asian Century.

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Producers: Bill Walter & Parashar Das

Saving lives in the Murray Bridge community

Over the weekend, two South Australian doctors were awarded the Telstra RDAA Rural Doctor of the Year Award. The doctors also happened to be husband and wife.

Angus Randall spoke to one half of the dynamic duo, Dr Martin Altman about his achievement and what it’s like to save lives in the Murray Bridge community.

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Producer: Bill Walter

Deaths in Australian immigration detention centres

According to the newly released data from the Border Crossing Observatory, 30 asylum seekers have died in Australian immigration detention centres.

But did you know that the deaths of asylum seekers in Australian immigration detention centres are not counted in Australia’s official statistics?

Angus Randall spoke with Professor Sharon Pickering from the Australian Border Crossing Observatory to talk about asylum seeker deaths in Australian immigration detention centres.

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Producer: Jess Hand

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

The latest Big Issue is out now, so get your hands on it for some great reads on:

  • Skinny Love – one woman’s personal account of her struggle with anorexia nervosa and how eating disorders and mental illness can lead to
  • pysical harm;
  • Anthony Morris reviews the new Woody Allen flick, To Rome with Love;
  • Chris Flynn catches up with Booker-nominated author, Jeet Thayil;
  • Roving Eye’, photographer Ana Paula Estrada captures the isolation and the intrepid spirit of Queensland’s grey nomads.

Angus Randall spoke to Patrick Witton, the Contributing Editor of the Big Issue.


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Producer: Jess Hand

Feature CD – Melanie Pain

Radio Adelaide has another feature CD this week. It’s Melanie Pain’s (pronounced Pan) sophomore album ‘Bye Bye Manchester’.

Melanie might be better known to some listeners as just one of the front women of Nouvelle Vague, who are world renowned for their New Wave covers of indie classics.

We’ll be playing Melanie’s album all week!

Angus Randall spoke to the French artist, Melanie Pain about her new album.


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Producer: Ryan Winter

Tim Costello in One Just World

In the last 10 years, measles deaths have reduced by 74%. And in the last 20 years, the number of maternal deaths has decreased by almost 50% thanks to international aid, but you think we see the big picture? Or do we just focus on the tragedy and bad news?

The One Just World Forum is in town tonight so you can ask Tim Costello, Amanda Blair, and Scott Kelleher  questions on this topic.

Angus Randall spoke to the Chief Executive of World Vision Australia, Tim Costello about what people can expect from tonight’s One Just World Forum and the media’s portrayal of issues of the Third World.

For further information or to register, click here.

When: Tonight (Tuesday 23 October 2012), 5.30 – 7.00pm

Where: SA Museum, North Terrace

How much? It’s FREE! That’s right, FREE!


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Producer: Jess Hand

Cutting jobs in the public sector

Job cuts in the public sector have been one the items on the federal and state government’s list as they attempt to reduce their expenditures.

Around 40,000 jobs have been gone in the past 12 months, which is having a big impact on workplaces.

The job cuts are also putting more pressure on Centrelink. Callers are also becoming more aggressive to Centrelink workers.

Angus Randall spoke with Nadine Flood, the National Secretary of the Commonwealth Public Sector Union.


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Community Protection listing sex offenders

Just this week, the Western Australian Government launched the nation’s first website publishing the names and faces of known child sex offenders.

The website has been designed as a tool for parents to keep their children safe.

This issue has raised questions of whether this is ethical and whether it will cause problems like social exclusion for these listed offenders.

Should sex offenders be publicly listed? And will this cause problems?

Angus Randall spoke to the President of the South Australian Law Society, Ralph Bonnig about the new sex offenders website.

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Producer: Bill Walter

Is it Just a Phase?

Piano Phasing is the event that Soundstream: Adelaide New Music Festival  culminates in this Sunday at the Adelaide Town Hall.

The Festival starts this Thursday and celebrates the development of contemporary music practices and the creation of new works through the support of emerging and established Australian composers and performers.

To find out what exactly Piano Phasing is, and how 60 pianists are going to share 30 pianos, Angus Randall caught up with the Artistic Director of Soundstream: Adelaide New Music Festival, Gabriella Smart.


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Producer: Byranna Griffin

You gotta fight for your RIGHT to age

Rights for old people might be something that you just take as a given, but what if they’re not? Older people are in a vulnerable position that unfortunately some people take advantage of.

Community based group, ARAS, Aged Rights Advocacy Services exist to try and protect them through the provision of information, education, support and representation.

Angus Randall was joined by Doris Gioffre and Louise Herft from ARAS to talk about the services this group provides.


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For more information, contact Doris Gioffre & Louise Herft

Phone: (08) 8232 5377 or 1800 700 600 (country callers)


Producer: Bryanna Griffin