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Men Spend More on Alcohol than Food

In the Out of Africa segment this week, correspondent Anthony Chazara reports on a Kenyan bomb blast, a domestic attack by an upset wife,  and men spending 20% more of their income on alcohol than they do on food!

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Producers: Ramy Abokamil, Ruper Hogan-Turner and Bryanna Griffin

A Good Deed is Never Lost

With reported job losses, businesses struggling and stock markets crashing, times are indeed tough these days. But spare a thought for those people without even a roof over their head or a shoulder to cry on.

Tim Brunero chatted with Church of Christ CareWorks CEO Julie Simpson and op shop mananger Christine Webster about the great work that organisation does for the disadvantaged in our community.

A down to earth interview with real people  talking real issues – one not to miss!

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Producer: Ramy Abokamil

Great Barrier Grief

The United Nations Agency UNESCO says that Australia is poorly managing one of our greatest natural wonders – the Great Barrier Reef – and if things don’t improve, it’ll be put on its endangered list!

Tim Brunero chatted to Michel Roche from the Queensland resource Council to get his take on this damning report.

Is this a case of over-development causing destruction or just environmental overkill? You have to listen in to find out!

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Producer: Bryanna Griffin

Smarter Sleep Signals Sweeter Slumber

Did you know that infants need up to 14 hours of sleep a night? 

Or that sleep helps in their growth and well being?

Breakfast’s Tim Brunero was joined by baby sleep expert Dr Sarah Blunden for a fascinating chat about techniques parents can use to help them make their baby’s first year bearable.

A story no sleep-deprived parent can afford to miss!

Sarah’s book is called Sensible Sleep Solutions.

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Producers: Bryanna Griffin, Rupert Hogan-Turner and Ramy Abokamil

Volunteering in Tropical Paradise

Does hurricane season sound like a good time to go travelling across to the other side of the world? It does for AusAID volunteer Luke Parsons!

Luke came into the Breakfast studios, talked about his upcoming trip to the Caribbean and shared his tips for people wanting to make an environmental change for the better on this World Environment Day.

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Producer: Rupert Hogan-Turner

The Truthwright Hurts

If you haven’t heard, Tuesday is known as Truthwright Day in Breakfast circles. Today the fine Doctor breaks a world exclusive with the sinking of  Queen Elizabeth’s barge at her Diamond Jubilee!

And what about Federal MP Christopher Pyne’s amazing sprinting skills?  He’s off to London now! Could he be the new Matt Shirvington? Listen in and find out!

Dr Erstwhile Truthwright knows no bounds!

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Producers: Bryanna Griffin and Ramy Abokamil

Massacre Puts Syria in the Spotlight

The latest country to catch a whiff of the Arabian spring – Syria, is on the brink of civil war. The latest tragic event – the massacre of 108 people in the Syrian city of Houla, 32 of them children –  appears to be the final straw for an international community who are all now calling for serious action.

Why is this tragedy not at all surprising to anyone familiar with Syria? Could the West intervene as they did in Libya?  And what role does Russia play in this?

All questions raised when Breakfast spoke to Middle East political expert Sally Totman.

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Producer: Ramy Abokamil


The Truth Hurts

Truthwright Tuesday today serves up regular cuts of Kevin Rudd and Craig Thompson along with some special orders of scandal courtesy of  Nicole Kidman and the Vatican!

To finish up, a delicious final helping of dessert with a 16 year German maths whiz who solved the World’s great problem. But can he solve Federal Labor’s problems? Listen in!

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Producers: Bryanna Griffin, Rupert Hogan-Turner and Ramy Abokamil

Outback and Out of A Job

Job security is an important issue for many Australians, and no more so than for country folk.

Having already withstood droughts, floods and the population migration,  now job security is the latest threat to the livelihood of our country cousins.

Tim “The Bushman” Brunero talked to  Outback politician Dan van Holst Pellekan about the staggering number of job losses in country SA this past month.

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Producer: “Rodeo” Ramy Abokamil

A “Five Star” Performance

Singer and comedian Bernadette Robinson talks to Radio Adelaide Breakfast about her show at the upcoming Cabaret Festival “Songs for Nobodies” where she plays the role of five ordinary women whose lives are transformed when they each meet an iconic female singer of the 20th Century.

Bernadette channels the spirit and the song of Judy Garland, Maria Callas, Patsy Cline, Billie Holiday and Edith Piaf in her critically acclaimed one woman show.

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Producer: Ramy “Je Nais Regrette Rien” Abokamil