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The fight against liquor and gambling

Pokies pt 2

The Environment, Resources and Development courts made headlines this week by allowing the South Australian Jockey Club, or the SAJC, to add a $6 million dollar addition to the redevelopment of the former Cheltenham Park Racecourse.

The has put the SAJC back in the driver’s seat in the construction of a new community and sporting hub to be built as part of the part of the proposed 1200-home housing development at St Clair.

This has angered many locals and the Cheltenham Park Residents Association vows to keep fighting this decision.

Bill Walter spoke to Nancy Fahey, a spokesperson for the Cheltenham Park Residents association about what has happened and how they plan to continue their fight against the SAJC.


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Nestle in for a night full of art

25 artists, 25 metres of chicken wire, wooden doweling, feathers and a whole lot of yarn.

What could this possibly create? A gigantic, interactive bird nest incorporating works of art from all disciplines, that’s what!

Visual artist, curator and woman about town, Kat Coppock, dropped into the studio to tell Bill Walter more about the project.

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Producer: Jennie Lenman

Female prisoners of conscience

You may or may not have heard of Evin prison, located in the Iranian capital of Tehran. In addition to being renowned for its torture tactis, Evin is home to an overcrowded ward of Female prisoners of conscience.

Just last month the names of the 33 women were released, and subsequently their stories.

With serious violations of human rights occuring, and many sharing the view that these women should never have been sent to prison in the first place, Bill Walter spoke with columnist and author, Dr. Ida Lichter, to find out more about the situation in Iran.

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Producer: Sophie McKay

Credit card concerns

The Australian Federal Police have reportedly uncovered the biggest theft of credit card data in Australia this week by busting a Romanian syndicate.

The AFP said computer hackers in Romania got access to 100 small retail outlets in Australia and stole the details of 30,000 Australian credit cards which they used to buy goods worth more than $30 million dollars.

Heading into the festive season, will this report ease consumer anxiety or increase the uncertainty of where our credit information is stored?

Bill Walter spoke with business, management and information technology expert, Rob Livingstone, to find out.

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Producer: Clayton Trevor

Adelaide’s small venues under the spotlight

Despite some harsh temperatures this week, we have had some beautiful evenings. Evenings that are great to enjoy out of the house with a nice glass of wine, some tapas or whatever tickles your fancy.

There are a multitude of unique and quaint little venues opening up around Adelaide that cater for those who are looking for a favourite new bar, a little extra culture or just brand new experience. However the proposed changes to the current Liquor Licensing Act threatens the success of such ventures, with the effects yet to be seen.

Bill Walter spoke with the manager of La Boheme, Callum Fleming, about the proposed changes and the current scene for small venues in Adelaide.

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Producer: Chris Komorek

Quentin-essential tours

Aboriginal tour operator Quentin Agius has just been inducted into the South Australian Tourism Hall of Fame.

His Aboriginal cultural tours have won the Best Aboriginal Tourism category 3 years in a row, whilst his tours that attract tourists from all over the world to Yorke Peninsula have now won 11 state and regional awards.

Stevie Goldsmith from Nunga Wangga spoke to Quentin and began by asking how he felt after being inducted into the SA Tourism Hall of Fame.

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Producer: Christine Brown

Fire prevention a burning issue

It’s been a week of soaring temperature’s in the state, with hot dry weather, winds, and a lack of commonsense potentially a deadly combination.

Despite warnings and the encouragement of fire safety plans, there are everyday mistakes that can contribute towards drastic fire emergencies.

In light of this week’s warnings, Bill Walter spoke with the CFS Prevention Services Manager Leigh Miller about the common causes of fires and what we can all do to prevent disaster.

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Producer: Katrina Berry

Fun raising funds

We all have dreams and ambitions; whether it’s to be a professional sportsman, fire fighter, high-flying business CEO or just the world’s best mum.

Our dreams and aspirations vary, but at the end of the day, we are the ones responsible for making them come true and motivation plays a huge part in that.

Then there’s the select few who are highly motivated in achieving personal goals that have a greater benefit for others, rather than themselves.

Jake Phillips and Jack Gale are two men that are highly motivated in achieving their goals. Fresh from their trip to Vietnam earlier in the year, they joined Bill Walter in the studio to talk about the work they are doing with the Jodi Lee Foundation.

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Producer: Chris Komorek

Queen Elizabeth’s variety visit

This year marked the 100th anniversary of the Royal Variety Show, a gala evening held annually in the United Kingdom. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth  was impressed with the performance by the newest winners of Britain’s Got Talent.

A problem with the Nordmann Fir Tree  means that Britons must resort to  using artificial trees for their Christmas trees; and Scotland has apparently attracted some UFO’s.

UK correspondent Dermot Smyth spoke to Bill Walter this morning about all these topics and more.

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Producer: Clayton Trevor

U.S drag legend Miss Coco

An exclusive addition to the Feast line up this year is U.S drag legend, Miss Coco Peru, also known as Clinton Leupp.

As a monologist, a storyteller, talented singer and comedian his work takes him all around the world, but on this weeks Breakfast, Clinton joined Bill Walter in the studio to talk about Miss Coco Peru and her glamorous career so far.

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Producer: Sophie McKay