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The Golden Phung sells out!

Golden PhungAward-winning sketch comedy troupe; The Golden Phung  are back at the Fringe Festival with a delectable smorgasbord of brand spanking new sketches.

Originally a down-to-earth group from Adelaide, they seem to have lost all sense of morality and artistic integrity and have sold out, not their tickets, but their very souls! They’ve traded their joke books for cheque books, their yucks for bucks, their cavalier jests for caviar vests…

Roy Phung and Eddie Morrisson of The Golden Phung joined Bill Walter to tell us why they’re selling out!

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“Lit from within” for everyone to enjoy

Access2ArtsThe Adelaide Fringe opens tonight in spectacular fashion as the Fringe Parade lights up King William Street.  The Fringe promises that the thousands of people who come along to the city tonight will be treated to a wonderful array of stunning floats and costumes, all around the theme of ‘Lit from Within’

Sounds fantastic!  But what if you can’t see?

One organisation, Access2Arts, is dedicated to bringing arts events, including very visual events like the Fringe Parade, to people with visual impairment.

And tonight they’re partnering with us here at Radio Adelaide for a “live audio description” of the Parade. Audio describer Eliza Lovell and vision impaired person Joanna Chua joined Bill in the studio.

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Young bright sparks have a place in Playford

Playford LogoWhoever said young people should be seen but not heard?

They’re often the ones who have the brightest ideas, so it’s important to let the youth have a say in the community and that’s exactly what’s happening in the city of Playford.

Playford Youth Advisory Committee are developing positive solutions to issues affecting the community and they’re calling out for more young people to get involved.

City of Playford Mayor, Glenn Docherty spoke with Bill Walter about the programme.

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Water worries

More and more families are struggling to keep up with increasing costs of living, while welfare payments are being significantly reduced.

When you’re already struggling to pay your mortgage or rent, plus all of your utilities, the last thing you want to think about is what’s happening with water prices.

Water has been in the news again, first with prices expected to go up and then reports that they may be coming down, so Bill Walter had a chat with Mark Henley from Uniting Communities about what’s happening.

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Britons are in a bad “moob”

fatmanIt seems that in although in Australia we can be a bit of an overweight nation, it’s actually Britain’s men that are turning red. The term ‘moobs’ is a popular description at the moment for excessive fat on the chest. It’s no surprise considering all the tempting food in Britain which was put on show in the Great British Bake off.

Dermot Smyth joined Bill Walter this morning to chat about all the happenings in Britain’s media.

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Joyful Strains and beautiful words

Not everyone has cause to celebrate Australia Day the way that some of us do: with a BBQ and a Beer.

For example, the Indigenous people consider the 26th of January to be a day of ultimate betrayal where their freedom was taken away from them. Or refugees and asylum seekers who are fighting for a place of peace after leaving their war-torn homes. Those who miss their own history, music, food, poetry and politics and aren’t accepted or understood in this culture.

Migration has never been such a contentious issue in Australia, so Kent MacCarter and Ali Lemer have explored these concepts and what it means to be an Australian in the book ‘Joyful Strains: Making Australia Home’.

Adelaide-based Chilean author, Juan Garrido-Salgado has contributed to the book, with his personal story: “I Have Three Wounds: Of Life, Love, and Death”. He joined Bill Walter in the studio to talk about it.

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Pesky pheasant


Imagine peacefully going about your business at work, when all of a sudden out of nowhere, you manage to get attacked by, of all things… a pheasant!!

Dermot Smyth joined Bill Walter on the show to talk about how this pesky poultry has been causing havoc along with the inundation of British TV shows, and how to start your own navy.

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Apocalyptothon for GameToAid

Video games can sometimes get a bad wrap; they’re a bit of a guilty pleasure , and some might say a waste of time.

But, what if playing video games could help save the world?

Adelaide Uni students Toby Zerner and Brodie Syrus have founded GameToAid, where they stream video game marathons online and receive donations to charity in return.

They are currently 14 hours into a 72-hour ‘Apocalyptothon’, which is raising money for Free the Children, and Jordan Archer spoke to them before it started to talk about how playing video games can help the world.

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Stay safe this summer!

In light of a tragic Christmas Day drowning on an Adelaide Beach, and plenty of hot weather coming up; It’s more important than ever to know the dangers of being around the water and at the beach.

Surf Lifesaving SA’s Commercial Operations manager, Shane Daw joined Jordan Archer this morning to  enlighten us on how to enjoy the beach safely.

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Save Live Australian Music

Image courtesy of Fotopedia.comIts becoming a more regular occurrence to see stories on the news about late night violent outbursts in Adelaide on the weekends.

Now the State Government has decided to tighten the laws for liquor venues with the Late Night Trading Code of Practice.

However, while the draft measures are intended to help keep people safe there is growing concern about what effect putting such measures in place will have on small or new venues.

Ryan Winter joined Jordan Archer in the studio this morning, to explain the requirements.

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