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Independent Media – The Refreshing Alternative

The Australian media landscape has, for too long, been dominated  by the two heavyweights. However, more and more independent media is emerging as a refreshing alternative to the dominating mainstream.

Independent organisation Our World Today is a great example of this, with the not for profit organisation standing for freedom in journalism, the truth, unrestricted ideals and a chance for change, not money making.

Jessica Brown from Our World Today spoke to Jennie Lenman about working for this unique organisation

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Murray Darling Basin Plan – Have Your Say

The first ever national plan for the Murray-Darling River could help to restore the river to health.

However the Murray Darling Basin Authority’s Draft Plan has been criticised by many groups , including the Wilderness Society and the Lifeblood alliance. To find out more Jennie Lenman spoke with conservationist with the Wilderness Society, Josh Coates.

Your comments on the plan are invited and submissions can be made until April 16th 2012. To make a submission, click here 

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Chernobyl, 25 Years on

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the world’s worst nuclear power accident.  

 About 100 kilometres north of Kiev, in the Ukraine, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant’s number four reactor exploded, blowing off its steel and concrete lid, releasing radioactive particles into the atmosphere.

There has been much conjecture over the death toll that varies drastically from 56 to hundreds of thousands; can we ever be sure just how many people have passed away because of this tragedy?

Jess Wingard posses the question to National Energy Campaigner and Choose Nuclear Free Project Co-Ordinator Jim Green.

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Tour De Flinders Update

The Tour De Flinders is a 400km bike ride by members of  the group, Friends of the Earth. 

The Goal of the very public ride is to raise awareness about the dangers associated with nuclear energy.  The group is calling for the decomissioning of all nuclear mines in S.A. and a ban on future mining in Arkaroola.

The ride finished this weekend and Jess Wingard caught up with one the riders, Wave, to find out just how sucessful it was.  

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Fast 5

This week sees the release of the fifth film in the Fast and Furious series.

After the flop of the 3rd in the series, the question is ‘how sucessful will the 5th be’?

Today we spoke with Kat McCarthy from ‘REELTIME’ and got her views on the film.

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Barossa Vintage Festival

The Barossa Vintage Festival, a bi-annual event held in odd-numbered years; is the largest and longest running wine tourism festival in Australia. The event runs for 9 days and traditionally marks and celebrates the completion of the year’s vintage season.

This years festival started on Saturday and promises to be as popular and well suported as ever.

To tell us what to expect, Jess Wingard spoke with the Festival’s co-ordinator, Samantha Foreman.

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ANZAC Celebrations, LONDON

ANZAC Day is obviously a big part of  Australian history and celebrations are held dear to many, but, although perhaps not so well understood, ANZAC  Day is also widely observed in Britain. To tell us more about this and other British news, including the up coming royal wedding, Jess Wingard spoke with London corrospondent, Dermot Smyth.

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Easter Trading Hours

Easter Trading Hours and holidays for shops is a tug of war between employees’ rights and the economic benefits of trading on public holidays.

Rundle Mall has secured a ministerial exemption so that they can trade from 11am until 5pm on Tuesday.

A Staff Rewards competition with prizes including gift cards and even a car giveaway has been created as incentive for employees

But is it really fair to force them to work  public holidays even with penalty rates and gimicky enticements?

We spoke to Peter Malinauskas from the Shop Distributive & Allied Employees Association to get the Union perspective.

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Adelaide City Re-Vamp

Extended trading hours have been given another push in the hope that they will liven up the atmosphere in the city centre.

Some believe that Rundle Mall needs to shift towards developing a more user friendly precinct with community gardens surrounded by shops and cafes.

Economist, Richard Blandy, this week gave a lecture on the future prospects for Adelaide and his vision for the inner city.

Today we spoke with him and asked specifically about his vision for Adelaide in particular  Rundle Mall.

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Politically Speaking: Matt Agius

A prominent South Australian MP was charged this week over the possession of child pornography after police raided his home and seized two computers.

With the state Labor Party already well down in the polls and looking like being defeated at the next election, how will latest revelation impact their popularity?

Politics Student, Matthew Agius, spoke with Tom today about this issue and the state of Labor politics in general at both state and Federal level.

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