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Number crunching SA’s mental health issues

Naming a way to clear up issues with mental health management in South Australia is a daunting task for anyone.

The Mental Health Coalition of SA however say they have not one, but ten different ways to improve the system, and are revealing these methods to the government this week.

Tim Brunero ran through the numbers with Executive Director Geoff Harris to discover where the gaps lie.

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Producer: Rupert Hogan-Turner, Wade Stephens

Not enough time in the day….

What would you do if there was no longer 24 hours in a day, but 25, and would this take its toll on you?

Would you catch up on sleep, work hard for the money, or finally make time to see your mother in law?

Well the University of South Australia are conducting a study on how peoples’ method of time allocation during a day (no matter how long or short it may be) effects their health and well being.

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Producers: Wade Stephens, Rupert Hogan-Turner

The only way is up…

The Adelaide CBD has a focus on low density buildings, both residential and commercial. But many academics and city planners are arguing for a larger, more CBD focussed population for South Australia.

Given that the 6th Australasian Housing Researchers’ Conference. “Housing in an Era of Risk and Crisis”. Is running from the 8-10 Februrary at The University of Adelaide we thought it would be a good time for Tim Brunero to speak with Professor Andrew Beer about the problems and future plans for Adelaide’s skyline.

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Producers: Wade Stephens, Rupert Hogan-Turner

Digging for Saints

In the spring of last year a flock of archaeologists from Flinders University headed down to Penola and started digging for history, trying to find clues to the early years of Australia’s first patron Saint, Mary Mackillop.

Last time the team uncovered an 1839 coin, a thimble, a marble and some bottle fragments. A success, yes, but they of course wanted more.

Well the team is back in full force this year and Tim Brunero spoke to Team Leader, Associate Professor Heather Burke about what they hope to uncover this time.

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Producers: Wade Stephens & Rupert Hogan-Turner