Between the devil and the deep blue sea

Christmas Island Refugees.The documentary Between The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea explores the reasons why refugees risk their lives to reach Australia, the challenges, risks and injustices they face.

It’s directed by Jessie Taylor who travelled across Indonesia to find these stories, and she spoke to Angus Randall.

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Producer: Ian Newton

New Music With Ryan Winter

This morning Angus Randall and Radio Adelaide’s Music Coordinator Ryan Winter spoke about their experiences at Laneway Festival, before launching into new music!


Up for discussion this week, Jamie Lidell, Nick Cave and Australian band Pond.

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Produced by Ryan Winter



Finding the Funny in Nursing

The Fringe is nearly here, so it’s time to pick up those Fringe guides and give them a good read.

This morning Angus Randall spoke to  Georgie Carroll, who migrated to Australia as a nurse in 2009, before picking up comedy later in the same year. After winning Adelaide Comedy’s comedian of the year for 2012, this Fringe Georgie is putting on her first solo show,  “Nurse Case Scenario”.

Check out the whole interview below!

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Produced by Ingrid Goetz

The Apology: 5 Years On

Today marks the five year anniversary of former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s Apology to the Stolen Generations. It was a landmark moment in Australia’s history, but have Indigenous Australians’ prospects  improved since?

Angus Randall was joined in the studio by Professor Lester-Irabinna Rigney, Dean of Indigenous Education at Adelaide University to discuss the apology what can be done to close the gap.

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Produced by Ingrid Goetz

Funding Gonski

Everyone acknowledges that improvements in Education can only be a good thing. But raises in education funding raising funds.

Greens Senator Penny Wright is championing the need to stick with the mining tax in order to insure that the recommendations of the Gonski Review can be implemented, and she joined Angus Randall this morning to discuss the issue.

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Produced by Mike Nicholson

Sporting Dopes?

The investigation into Australian sports people by the Australian Crime Commission is one of the biggest stories in sport for a long time.

Richard Evans joined Angus Randall to talk about this, as well as Black Caviar’s comeback and the Australian Women’s Cricket team’s success.

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Produced by Richard Evans

Kat weighs in on Movie 43

Movie 43Kat McCarthy joined Angus in the studio to talk about a film that’s been so derided it’s not funny…just like the film.

What does a movie critic of 26 years think of this new film?




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Japan, Hollywood and Dustin Hoffman

DustinThe Big Issue has again been released, bringing quality stories from the streets to your hands.

What’s happening in Japan, why is Hollywood going political and what’s next for Dustin Hoffman?

Patrick Whitton joins me on the line to tell you what to expect from this fortnight’s issue.


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German Bogan Vegan Strippers

GBVSAdelaide Fringe show German Bogan Vegan Strippers explores the metamorphosis of two ordinary German bogan girls into alluring Aussie vegan strippers.

Their adventures culminates in a charity project they hope will take off by taking it all off.

Merle and Janine joined Angus in the studio.

German Bogan

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Produced by Ali Coad

Who’s sitting at the roundtable? publik 15 native title Native Title is no doubt one of the most important laws in Australia’s history and twenty years on since it was first brought in key stakeholders have gathered to discuss current measures to improve the Native Title process for the future.

A roundtable was held on Friday with everyone from the National Farmers Federation, to native title experts, to Indigenous groups and Mining companies, and all others who have an interest in this Great Southern Land of ours.

Mr Shayne Neumann MP is Chair of the Committee on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs, and was at the roundtable on Friday, and he spoke with Angus about what’s in store for Native Title in the future.

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Produced by Lisa Burns