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Car insurance and the State

The South Australian Law Society is opposing changes to the Compulsory Third Party Insurance Scheme as they think it will drastically reduce entitlements for people injured in motor vehicle accidents, and may also hurt the South Australian economy.

Angus Randall spoke to Morry Bailes, Vice President of the SA Law Society, to help us grasp what these proposed changes might mean for South Australia.

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The Real Cost of Intellectual Disability

Have you ever wondered how you would cope financially if you, a family member, or a close friend were in an accident and acquired a disability?
As a part of her leadership victory last week, Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced she would create a National Disability Insurance Scheme, but not everyone is convinced.
David Holst, chairman of the Intellectual Disability Association of SA, spoke to Tim Brunero to discuss the Scheme, and whether it will benefit those who need it most.

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Producers: Lisa Burns, Tim Molineux, Tim Smythe