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The Golden Phung sells out!

Golden PhungAward-winning sketch comedy troupe; The Golden Phung  are back at the Fringe Festival with a delectable smorgasbord of brand spanking new sketches.

Originally a down-to-earth group from Adelaide, they seem to have lost all sense of morality and artistic integrity and have sold out, not their tickets, but their very souls! They’ve traded their joke books for cheque books, their yucks for bucks, their cavalier jests for caviar vests…

Roy Phung and Eddie Morrisson of The Golden Phung joined Bill Walter to tell us why they’re selling out!

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Produced by: Tarnia George

“Lit from within” for everyone to enjoy

Access2ArtsThe Adelaide Fringe opens tonight in spectacular fashion as the Fringe Parade lights up King William Street.  The Fringe promises that the thousands of people who come along to the city tonight will be treated to a wonderful array of stunning floats and costumes, all around the theme of ‘Lit from Within’

Sounds fantastic!  But what if you can’t see?

One organisation, Access2Arts, is dedicated to bringing arts events, including very visual events like the Fringe Parade, to people with visual impairment.

And tonight they’re partnering with us here at Radio Adelaide for a “live audio description” of the Parade. Audio describer Eliza Lovell and vision impaired person Joanna Chua joined Bill in the studio.

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Produced by: Lucy Kingston

German Bogan Vegan Strippers

GBVSAdelaide Fringe show German Bogan Vegan Strippers explores the metamorphosis of two ordinary German bogan girls into alluring Aussie vegan strippers.

Their adventures culminates in a charity project they hope will take off by taking it all off.

Merle and Janine joined Angus in the studio.

German Bogan

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Produced by Ali Coad

Heavenly voices no backing

Heavenly Choir Pic -Can you imagine singing without any instruments and using only your voice to create music?

Well that’s exactly what the singers of Heaven Knows a Capella do.

With 20 years of experience and performing at this year’s Fringe Festival, group members Jane Hewetson and Claire Cowen spoke to Angus Randall this morning.

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Producer: Hannah Salisbury-Carter

No it wasn’t Bacon!

Shakespeare Pic - nearestplacetoheaven“But soft, what light from yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun…” Romeo and Juliet

William Shakespeare is widely considered to be the best writer in the English language.

Tim Overton and Anna Cheney, the actors performing in the Fringe’s Shakespeare On Love, joined Angus Randall this morning.

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Producer: Hannah Salisbury-Carter

Back seat humour

angrycabbieHave you ever caused a ruckus in a cab? Perhaps you pulled a runner after a long night? Well former taxi driver Mark Martin might be telling your embarrassing tale to the masses. Martin is bringing his hilarious show to the Adelaide Fringe later this month and he joined Bill Walter to discuss taxi and comedian life.

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Producer: Tarnia George

Wolf Creek… the musical

Eight years ago the Australian independent film “Wolf Creek” gave thousands of backpackers in Australia more to worry about than sunburn and poisonous spiders.

And at this year’s Adelaide Fringe, some local comedians will be taking the thriller to a new level – by turning it into a musical.

James McCann and Demi Lardner joined Chris in the studio to talk songs and serial killers…

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Isolation at the Fringe

Next time you see something and judge it, perhaps take another look, because so often are we are judged by outside appearances and not on what’s happening internally.

Bringing this very idea to unexpected spots around the Adelaide CBD this summer is emerging dancer and choreographer, Fiona Gardner, with her collaborative piece, Cultural Isolation.

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Producer: Jennie Lenman

A bigger Fringe is coming to town

Sadly it’s not February yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about the Fringe in September (because we love the Fringe). The Fringe’s popularity has risen over 60 per cent over the past three years, attracting over 1.5 million Fringe goers!

CEO of the Adelaide Fringe, Greg Clarke, spoke to Tim Brunero to give us a little taste of what to expect next year and the fascinating talents he found during his travels to the National Arts Festival in South Africa and the Edinborough Fringe.

Greg also revealed to us that the Fringe has been extended to 4 weeks and is starting a week earlier, making this one bigger and better than before.

Perhaps you would like to perform at next year’s Fringe so why not register now before it’s too late. You have until Wednesday 10 October 2012 to enter.

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Producer: Jess Hand

Blaze-ing Books

Blaze Magazine‘s latest issue – Charles Sanders Experimental Theater, with three shows in this year’s Adelaide Fringe.
A roundup of Blaze Magazine’s favourite shows from the Fringe, with the usual regrets that the Fringe has finished for this year.
Finally, Blaze Magazine reviews Alan Hollinghurst’s new book, “The Stranger’s Child”.

Tim Brunero caught up with the Magazine’s Editor, Ron Hughes.

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Producer: Tim Brunero